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Lightbulb New kind of pm bar "invented" - breakable into 1g pieces

Valcombi SA, the largest gold refiner in Europe (located in southern Switzerland), has recently "invented" a new kind of gold/silver bar consisting of small 1 (gold and siver) / 10 (silver) gramm pieces. They are called combibars (tm):

These are essentially made like chocolate bars. The single 1g bars are manufactured with accurate constructed predetermined breaking points and therefore can be separated easily without any loss of material.

I think it's a pretty interesting concept for a shtf pm reserve. If one actually needed to trade in pms, a 1 oz gold coin would be much too valueable for daily transactions. The gramm unit would be a much better denominator. It also offers more flexibility which makes 1g/10g silver pieces also interesting for trading purposes.

Here's how these bars look like:

They offer the following combinations:

CombiBars Gold:
■50 x 1g Gold CombiBar™ Good Delivery

CombiBars Silver:
■100 x 1g Silber CombiBar™ Good Delivery
■10 x 10g Silver CombiBar™ Good Delivery

I haven't compared the prices of these bars to "regular" (non-fractionated) 50g/100g bars yet. Prices can be checked here:
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I have seen these before but they would be good for shtf situations. They also come in sheets with even smaller weights that you can buy. Here is the ones that you can break into 5 grain bars. Very small but I guess you could use it for change or something in a shtf situation.

also a pretty high premium on these kind of bars. even the 100g silver breakaways from valcambi are close to $40 over spot.

heres a link to someones ebay listing for them.
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Old 04-02-2012, 06:41 AM   #3
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That assay certificate doesn't really do you much good if you decide to split the bar up.
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Originally Posted by PMBug View Post:
That assay certificate doesn't really do you much good if you decide to split the bar up.
Can't you just cut up the certificate as well?
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Old 05-08-2012, 08:42 PM   #5
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Red face

Just ordered a bunch of these bars. Couldn't resist these low prices to buy some physical.
I already own some regular bars and coins, so these combibars will add a new flavor to my collection.

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