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Is it Time to Sell Gold & Silver and BUY Platinum & Palladium?

Rick Rule on precious metals:

I like all forms of bullion…

I believe, if pushed, that the best form of bullion in terms of price appreciation for the next one or two years, is platinum and palladium.

I don’t believe it’s because of the monetary aspects of it. I believe it because the industry does not earn its cost of capital at this price point.

I believe it because on the supply side there’s no above ground inventory. All the platinum and palladium that’s ever been mined has gone out a tail pipe, it’s gone up a smokestack or it’s gotten turned into jewelry.


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I stocked on platinum and palladium recently when they were in the 1300s and 500s respectively. That was the time to heavily speculate on them. Of the two, platinum is still relatively underpriced. Of any precious metal, sub $29 silver is probably the best deal at the moment.
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I think its best to invest in gold at this time because the rate of the gold rise in future and that was the cause that mostly countries converting there federal reserve in to gold to get profit from it in future.
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Buy them all, or buy whatever you feel like. Don't sell any of them.

"One of these days" a "Cyprus" is going to come along, and those with the metals will win.

N N Taleb (Antifragile) and Nate Silver (The Signal and the Noise) both suggest that prediction is a mug's game. Don't predict! Examine yor risks and vulnerabilities and act. Don't try to predict the Black Swan.

Same with the PMs. Buy whatever you want, predicting is very hard.
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