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Abcourt Mine:ABI An undervaluation Junior gold producer.

The Canadian gold market can bring some nice opportunities these days.

I'm following wing few of them and one who can get HUGHE potential is Abcourt Mines (ABI) on the TSXV.
From my point of view it's a really an undervaluation project.

I don't know why exactly, but they actually produce something like 18 000 Oz of gold per year + Silver, with their actual structure.

The point is then just with this, the prices of shares could be higher than actual at 0,075$.
If we compare to another company who is near of the Abcourt mine, Radisson by example, RDS the share is actually at 0.16$

The point is then they get land, some nice thrills, but not any mine yet!
How is it possible than the market give as much value to this project if we compare with ABI who is steady in production?

Ok, ABI still gain 40% in the last few months, but this is not enough considering what they own.
They are actually working on the development of 2 others mines.
Sleeping Giant and Abcourt-Barvue.

They are actually working on the funding of these 2 projects, but with these 2 mines, they will produce approximately 35 000 to 40 000 Oz of gold + 10 000 Oz of silver + zinc production.

These projects will be up and running in a reasonable time frame. By 2022 all these projects will be ready!
That's why I tell than the actual share prices don't reflect the real value of the mine at all.

Am I the only one who seeing this potential?

Let me know your point of view on this.
It will be a pleasure to get your opinion on the subject.
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good to see you back

your last recommendation back in July 2017 was Anaconda Mining -

July 17 stock price 0.24
Feb 18 stock price 0.49
Nov 18 stock price 0.19
today stock price 0.31

how did this work out for you ?
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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$ABI – Feasibility study press release! A second gold mine SHORTLY for only 5 M$!

The feasibility study of $ABI is done!
They will be ready to do the second gold mine with only 5 M$ and with the actual gold at 1500$ per Oz, if they JUST use the gap in profit between the 1200$ Oz price of these is few month and the actual price they will be able to get this extra money in approximately 8 month!
If they go to see any banker, they could get it really FASTER THAN THIS!!!!

Check this out!

This stock could SKY ROCKET like $DCGD did in the last month!! 
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