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Gold or Apple

"...the premise of our question is fairly profound; whether it would make more sense to buy 3 shares of Apple (AAPL) or one ounce of Gold (GC)."

"when the world looks to be ending (like 2008), people aren't going to buy gold, they're going to buy dollars, and if things really get bad, they'll buy dry food and automatic guns."

Interestly, there is a poll at the end of that article that asks what is the most valuable today?

3 Shares of Apple stock
1 ounce of Gold
1,600 USD
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lol. It's not the people (retail) that will be driving gold valuations. It's also not an investment for the short term (IMO).
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You "invest" in apple,faceplant etc...
You "Own" Gold,physical that is.

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I'm with Big Jim on this one. If you can't hold it you don't own it.
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While I agree with ancona in principle - I "own" a good number of things I can't hold.
50 or so acres I could hold against a few mercs, but not more, without some help.
Can't lift my car, so I can't hold it. And so on. But that's pedantry, I know what you meant.

So we all have a kind of vested interest in a reasonably stable society so we can "own" much of anything...or we have to go back to tribes and warlords - which I suppose could constitute a "reasonably stable society" but not one I'd probably enjoy living in too much.

On the other hand, I can "hold" my "wa" against quite a bit. The only thing I think I truly own is my mind and the thoughts it produces - which I own primarily through giving them away. Funny old world.
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Be it stocks or be it gold, you can only make good profits (for a longer period of time) from long term investments only.
At this moment, there is a good possibility that dollar prices will go up as the eurozone is going through some economic turmoils...but as the U.S economy itself is not standing on a strong enough base (u all know about the debts) and may fall anytime, I would prefer to diversify my investments 50:50 into dollars (for a relatively short period) and gold (for comparatively longer time)
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