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Old US Gold Coins


Over the past several months, I have bought a tiny number of old US $5.00 gold pieces ("Liberty" style, see below), all of them from before 1900. All of them in "AU" condition or better (AU = "About Uncirculated", and is a coin in excellent condition). All of them are "common date" pieces. Rare coins of this type go for MANY THOUSANDS of dollars each...

I did this to explore some more the idea of "gold diversification". My thought is that old US coins from before 1900 would NOT be confiscated. I do not believe confiscation is likely nor, of course, a practical policy by .gov.

Each US $5.00 piece has about 0.24 toz, and the premium is about $100 (very roughly, I do not have a receipt at hand). Those coins are pretty! That is another reason I have a few. The "S" mint mark is just above the "V" and below the eagle near the bottom of the "tails" (reverse) side.

The below is an 1880-S $5.00 (the "S" means it was made at the San Francisco mint). I have one of those! It's a pretty coin, no? This one is in better condition (this would probably be a "BU", "Brilliant Uncirculated").

The photo may be copyrighted, here's the link:$5Gold/1880-s$5libertygold.jpg

* * *

Does anyone else here collect these kinds of coins? Even if in small quantities?

Comments very welcome!

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$100 premium on 1/4 ozt seems high. Eagles & Maples run around $30-$50 premium on the 1/4's. If you aren't collecting them for mere gold value then that's different, but if you just want them for the gold value then it seems not as good of a deal. I don't think the govt. would hesitate confiscating them if they decided to start confiscating gold. If they decide to do that, they will take all they can find, maybe leaving wedding bands and gold cross necklaces alone, at least until every one turns all their gold into rings, crosses, then they'll take those too.
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It's a nice looking coin, but I prefer straight bullion.
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