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Thumbs up Peter Schiff launches world's first gold debit card - for non-US citizens only

I've been waiting for something like this to emerge. Sprott plans something similar.
It's essentially a smooth way to use gold as a currency, or to be more precise: to store your purchasing power in gold and use it in fiats without a complicated conversion of gold into fiat.

The problem for most of you guys is, however, that US citizens and residents can NOT use his service

Quote :
Put Yourself on the Gold Standard.
Get the World's only True Gold Debit Card.

Euro Pacific Bank's gold-backed debit card is a unique card that gives bank customers access to their gold holding using a convenient debit card valid everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Unfortunately this card is not available to American citizens, or foreign citizens residing in the United States.

If you are interested in learning how the program works and would like to receive an application please enter your information below.

Quote :
It's as easy as:

1. Open a Euro Pacific account, fund it.
2. Log into your online account, purchase Gold.
3. When you want to spend some of your Gold, sell the amount of your choice and load up your card.

Now you can actually own gold and convert the amounts you choose into cash efficiently and spend it at more than 30 million locations and 1.4 million ATM’s worldwide.
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Sounds nice but you still have to do a purchase at a price of your liking and time your sale .....

not hugely different from Goldmoney or Bullionvault, who further protect you ( in my opinion) by having you transfer to a nominated, linked account.

Now if you could take that card to a hole in the wall and draw some gold grammes .........
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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Wow. Peter's moving into the banking business.
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