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counterfeit maples

Hi ya'll. First post here on PM bug. Just a heads up and one more thing to worry about. Anyone ever run into counterfeit coins or bullion?
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Hi Bonzo, welcome to the forum (yes, I see you joined earlier, but you don't really join a forum until you say something!).

We have a couple of discussions about counterfeits going around here:

Good info on the Maples.

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Great pictures can we do the same with fake pandas,eagles,Brits,and aussies?let's have a verification party!
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EXCELLENT thread Bonzo and great pictures PMBug. Rated five stars!

I guess counterfeiters are not scared of Canada's version of the Secret Service.

But, woe be upon us once they start counterfeiting Gold and Silver Eagles. "All your fakes are belong to us!"


FYI, in Peru we have occasional problems with FAKE Korean bearings. The bearings are made in China (with no marks ID-ing the piece or origin), then they (Peruvians) print "Korea", "KBC" and the bearing number on the piece. They even have one or more printers in Peru who print up FAKE boxes (we sell our bearings ready for retail sale in individual boxes -- see my blog!). The counterfeiters do a pretty good job...

We sent some fake pieces off to KBC's lab there in Korea. They took similar pictures (like yours PMBug) pointing out how to tell a fake from the real KBC. We took those pictures and info and made brochures to help our customers (etc.) ID a genuine from a fake.

We once were "this close" to busting a counterfeiting ring down there. We had (with the cops) a wiretap on a perp and we were setting up a sting to BUST 'em. As our two guys were riding with the cops and a prosecutor to go and get them, the prosecutor said she wanted "one last look" at the papers authorizing this... You all know what happened next: a judge had not signed off on one of them. No bust! If I had been along, I would have just offered to sign the paper myself for 1000 soles ($350)...
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So, are tehy plated counterfeits or silver ones. At least with silver ones, you still have the ounce of silver.

I know the Chinese are constantly cranking out New Orleans and Carson City silver dollar counterfeits that are supposed to be pretty damn good. They age them and everything.
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Thanks for the info Bonzo.
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