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larger bullion products

Since we have a fractional thread going, I thought it would be interesting to discuss larger coins and bars. By this I mean larger than the standard 1oz.

Like most products, purchasing in bulk will generally get you a lower premium. This applies both for buying large numbers of units (i.e. buying a roll of 20 coins) and larger single units (i.e. buying a 10oz bar or 2).

I'd like to discuss the merits of 1oz units vs larger coins and bars when making a good sized purchase in terms of ounces. Let's say 20 oz or more, for example.

Is there a threshold of 1oz units that is wise to obtain in your collection and then switch to larger ones? Is there an ideal balance (general or personal) of divisibility and bulk convenience?

Is it purely going for the lowest premium?

Does storage pay a significant role in determining the size and shape of your investments?
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An excellent thread idea, dontdeBasemebro!

As of now, almost all of my Au is in 1 oz form, almost all of that in Au Eagles. On occasion I have considered other physical forms, especially the 1 kg bars that one of the coin shops had for sale (no longer, hmm...). The main problem I have with larger forms (kg bars, 100 oz bars, etc.) is that they might have to be TESTED for weight and purity, what with all the Chinese counterfeiting going on...

OK, 1 kg and larger bars might be beyond a typical's readership, but so what.

What I like about here is that we EXAMINE such things... Which to my (very limited) experience is that we STUDY gold and its various forms...
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Old 11-07-2011, 03:03 AM   #3
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Yeah, once you've successfully put some of your wealth/savings in to fractional or 1oz sizes, you start to run out of space in the safe. DCRB is right about the testing. If I had anything besides U.S. Mint or Canadian Mint in my PM stash I would of had it assayed. I was thinking about getting some 10oz silver bars from Scottsdale. That is if I don't continue to buy ounces or rounds. Quite honestly, I would never buy a bar of gold. I've got other preps to buy instead. Still interested in how your experience turns out for you though. GL
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For me, there are typically two factors that determine what size bullion I buy: How much in cash do I have to convert and what does the coin store have in inventory. I do feel that you should have a balanced amount in fractional's and one oz pieces, but when silver is cheap and I have the cash I will pick up a few 5oz, 10oz, and kilo bars. I personally don't have anything larger then that right now simply due to ease of liquidation if that time comes.
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IMO, this gets down to the reasons you are buying silver. If you are buying for investment purposes and not SHTF, buying 100 oz bars makes sense (lower premiums = more metal for your money).

If you are concerned about SHTF, large sized bullion isn't going to be very helpful in a barter situation I wouldn't think. If you are pretty well set for SHTF with 1oz and fractionals, stocking up on larger bars for preserving wealth makes sense.

Personally, I like the 5oz America The Beautiful coins from the US Mint. The 5oz "Prey" bars from Scottsdale Silver also look nice.
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Old 11-07-2011, 04:31 PM   #6
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I gave you a "+ 1" pmbug because of your reasoning of buying bigger vs. smaller.

I have silver mainly for SHTF purposes. OK, if the price goes to $150, hurray! My silver is all in Silver Eagles, because (once again) they fit nicely into the US Mint plastic tubes.

I know that fractional 1/10th oz gold is O/T here, but a couple of years ago I *in an instant* saw value, despite higher premiums. A 1/10th oz is about "half way" between a Silver Eagle and a Gold Eagle. I bought several, and even gave a few away to some nephews and nieces for Christmas. "Spreading the conciousness, baby!"
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Old 11-07-2011, 10:10 PM   #7
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I , personally, have nothing larger than a couple of 5oz bars. I prefer mostly 1 oz rounds and bars and have a shitload of 90% dollars,halves,quarters and dimes
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Old 11-17-2011, 03:14 PM   #8
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100oz Bars Englehard/JM,Ohio,GTG.
Easier to move around than 1oz coins, and less premium.(take up less room for storing).
10oz bars are also usually a great choice .
Some 1oz for barter purposes,just make sure they are from a Well known Mint.
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Old 12-19-2011, 09:48 PM   #9
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I prefer Swiss bars and coins. anything from an ounce to 5 kilo bars. The largest i ever bought was a 70 pound bar, but it is not as nice as the regular 1000 oz bars, and it is cumbersome and needs special protection. you dont want these beauties to get scratched.

an alternative would be to buy bulk junk silver and either keep it as such or re-melt it to make larger bars. this is for the strong believer in silver.

for barter in case of SHTF junk silver is the best. 90% purity and you can re-melt it if you have the equipment. You can make your own bars and its quite fan.
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