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Need Help identifying silver nuggets please

Hello All!

I found some old lab equipment left from my grand dad, and found small jars with various metals and powders in them. I found one that I was almost sure was silver, and would like your help identifying, and if it is .999 grade or not. It weighed in at 64 grams. thanks!

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I don't think anyone is going to be able to tell you from a photograph. I would suggest taking it to a local coin dealer or jewelry shop to have it tested/appraised.
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You can buy a silver test kit on ebay for $10. Photographs wont do it.
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You can fairly easily find out if there's silver in there by a variety of means - mostly chemical or melt-point - but it gets really hard to determine the "fineness" and that'll cost you more than the value of it if all you have are a couple ounces. Unless it's "white gold" or something...even then, a couple ounces just won't pay for the (real, quality you can believe in) tests. You might be best off trading it for something known to be a given purity at a coin or bullion dealer, or taking "cash for gold" under spot just to get value out of it you can then buy a sure real-thing with.
Not that I'd trust those guys - even if what you have is "white gold" they're sure to pay for it as "polluted silver".
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Schneider labs will test by atomic absorption using flame spectroscopy for about forty five bucks. You can go on-line, fill out a chain of custody and simply mail it in.

BTW, you only need to send a couple of grams.
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No-one can suggest by a picture i would suggest to go through a local dealer or buy a silver check toolkit

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