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NooB 2 SLV

New to precious metals so I beg your forgiveness of my ignorance. I have been told to invest in SLV ETF, SLW, Morgan & Peace dollars, even junk silver coins...what is your preferred investment vehicle? Best bang for the buck? fly under the radar from GOVT intervention or oversight? Best silver investment coin or bar???

What say y'all. and thanks in advance


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Junk, ASE's, Phillies, Maples and then other generic silver. Physical only! If you can't touch it, someone else owns it. BTW, welcome to the boards.
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Old 06-22-2013, 10:01 AM   #3
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I like a good variety. Some Kilo bars, 10 oz bars, 5 oz bars and lots of 1 oz coins. The Governement mint stuff (eagles, maple leafs etc.) cost more but brings a higher premium. I just picked up a bag of junk silver. I like junk silver because everyone knows what it is and the purity.
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Old 06-22-2013, 11:37 AM   #4
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If you want to play the paper game you are going to get burned quick and equally have high anxiety when prices drop.

When you hold physical, you only lose (sort of) when you NEED to sell. Probably only happens if you blew all your dry powder expecting the price to go up in a short period of time for profits.

Now you could say this for paper as well but ETF's (all that I know) have a disclaimer that if the company decides to pull out or just simply close down then you could lose your investment.


As far a specific physical, that is entirely up to the person. A very personal preference is needed.

You can try and gauge what you feel are wiser physical choices but then you are more than likely on the coat tails of someone else's preference. (I don't mean that in any insulting way so please forgive...sometimes text is just hard to understand meaning)

I'll try and simplify it as well as others here.

1. Bars are always a lower premium to purchase and there are some very nice varieties.
2. Generic coins are equally lower in premium with plenty of designs to choose from.
3. Junk silver is such an odd term as there is real silver in these coins. 90% 40%. I personally don't buy them but I like finding them.
4. Mint coins like American Silver Eagles, Canadian Maples etc. are a higher premium and have limited productions which help them keep some very good value into the future.
5. Then there are the numismatic or collector coins which can be a little iffy as their value depends on what someone else is willing to pay with at least a bottom line price of the silver/gold value in them. Some are painted while others are in odd shapes. It's quite a world out there with these. Check out the Perth Mint to get an idea.

I'm sure others will chime in on what I may have missed.

Good luck!

Hope that helps and welcome to the board!

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welcome to the forum!

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The key is diversity (my $0.02)

The key is diversity. Now, most of what I have is silver. But I have coins (ASE, Maples, Phillies) and generic rounds and bars. Most are 1 oz, but I have some larger and smaller sizes as well. I have a few small gold coins.
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