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Ohio Precious Metals (OPM)

Hi there....

I have a question....

I'm usually on Provident Metals alot...and I always seem to notice the 1 oz Bars from "Ohio Precious Metals" or OPM.

They say the bars are recycled from computer junk or other stuffs and are .9999 Fine.

What does everyone think about them???

I was thinking of adding a few bars to my collection.

Thank you!
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I think they are neat as well. They I have considered getting a handful. They have a low premium, a neat design, and a cool story.

Edit-Provident is the only place I have seen them and I have not done a lot of research. I am still fairly new to this, but IMO, there is no reason to not get them, especially at a cheaper price.

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Apmex and Tulving sell their 100ozt bars from time to time (when supply is scarce and they can't find bars from better brands):

As long as markets are functioning, they will likely be less desirable (lower premiums?) than better known brands. When TSHTF, silver will be silver and brands won't mean much (aside from possibly trusting the purity of the bar without assaying it).
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