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I'm in a kinda goofy position...the adage "it's the # of oz" that count has been a loose mantra of mine. That said, I was expecting some testing of the bottom for spot around this time around 30USD. No's the question I'd like some advice for. I've got a great LCS- big volume, good ppl, "crazy" prices (from what everyone's talking about). My "alarm" informed me of 29,45 spot a few minutes ago. I have some monster boxes; most Ag is in 100 oz .9999 RCM. I can get an unopened 2013 (or 12) box of eagles for 32.35 each/box of libertads for 31.37/Antelope Wildlife 2013 31.75 (500 of course).

Average EBAY for maples are 41USD now, ASEs are 39USD...

What's everyones opinion regarding: swapping 4.x 100oz bars and procuring another m-box? It goes against the OZ rule, but if ASEs (tomorrow) get down to 31.00 (or today), it's making me hesitate.

All opinions would be greatly appreciated!

BTW- to the poster who became frustrated with AU going super-sideways...I sold 8 buffalos+2 Maple Pt's all for Pd at 690$ as well, good call!

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For what it's worth, I think 29.50 is a pretty strong support point for silver, so I don't expect to see it fall below that, but keep in mind that I am an amateur, not a professional trader. There are others on the board with significantly more relevant experience than I have.

I would trade the big bars for an MB any day of the week.
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Oops. My head is off the loop!

I gotta take a rest from all this- I don't see silver as an investment- methinks many "bugs" hear "1000$" toz silver being thrown around...and see the entire idea as some kind of get rich (with dollars?) scheme. Most (if not all) of the stress and worry comes from ensuring my mom=ok. Frankly, (I'm certain everyone here has similar stories) didn't expect friendships to go by the train when trying to inform. What we feel, the great motivator has IMHO little todo with these shiny things, heck, haven't opened any boxes, I've seen what the stuff looks like at the store...all went straight into safe-places. Further histrionics! All rabbit holes lead to this juncture. Had mega-resistance when younger, establishing any correlation /w "money" (the fudging of) and the terrible goings-on worlds over.

Since 08', the brunt of personal development hasn't been stacking...but honing skills (once were hobbies). From a computer-kinda person, to becoming decent with electronics/solder...first aid, trauma response...storytelling.

Hmm. This is a PM forum!

I apologize for the circumlocution, time for a nap!
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I like ASEs. 1oz silver seems imminently more utilitarian than 100ozt silver. That said, you want to swap four 100ozt bars for a 500ozt monster box? If you can swap that straight up, it's a no brainer!
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Threads on viability of silver stacking large quantities:

Ratios between the metals:

Comparing premiums:

Thread with similar questions:
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thank you for the comments
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