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Question about coins

Not sure if this is the right forum BUT they are silver coins.

I recently found some old coins while helping Mom clear out one of her junk rooms (she has 2). Specifically, at this time, I am referring to an 1889 Morgan and an 1867 nickel.

Both are heavily tarnished to the point that they are dark brown/almost black all over, front and back. I know there are methods of removing tarnish but I also know that tends to reduce the amount of PM in the coin and is therefore a horrible idea. PM is PM and that value will always be there regardless of color. The question is, does a significant amount of tarnish on a 124 and 146 year old coin reduce the value all that much from a numismatic point?
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Yeah I think that link explains it all!

Even old guns should be kept that way OLD!

The patina as it is called actually makes it SOOO much more valuable.

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