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Bitcoin Just Completely Crashed
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/lol ?
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I read the article. I understood very little of it. But it sounds like, with enough computing power, you can really muck things up.
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I wonder what sound something created out of thin air,has no mass & lives in a cloud makes when it crashes ??

Gnashing of teeth ??
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Quote :
I wonder what sound something created out of thin air,has no mass & lives in a cloud makes when it crashes ??
like a rushing mighty wind .........

My heart stopped briefly then pounded and my blood ran cold when gold fell by 20% in a few hours last year.

Then it was just a rush of thoughts and emotions.

All good experience though (-:
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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2/10/14 - just another day in gold/silver's 6000+ year track record of being worth something.

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This has been an amazingly misleading news story across the major news outlets. There is an issue with one (not even the largest one) exchange and all the news headlines make it sounds as if the value of Bitcoins across the world have fallen to zero (current value is roughly 700 USD per Bitcoin).

Essentially, the Mt. Gox exchange currently wont allow user to withdraw Bitcoin, but it will allow them to withdraw the equivalent value in fiat currencies as they work out their issue.

I am not a big follower of Bitcoin, but the spin on this story has been amusing to watch.

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