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Exclamation Breaking News: Banking Contagion

Germany's largest bank is now experiencing similar symptoms to Scotland, Ireland, and Russia.

Thanks SilverDoctors:
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“The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war.
Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin.
But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.”
– Ernest Hemingway

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Thanks KMS

turd mentioned it earlier but had no correlation, just rumour

We still have to allow for the 'green car' syndrome though

you never see any until you buy one, then they show up everywhere .........

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Sounds like Stuxnet hit the banking sector and went live.
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Some banks here in Switzerland have recently exchanged / upgraded their ATMs, too. Everything works smoothly so far.

The fact that these ATM software problems spread accross Europe seems to indicate that it's a virus. It would be interesting to know whether the systems of all the affected banks run on the same system?
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Originally Posted by KMS View Post:
Germany's largest bank is now experiencing similar symptoms to Scotland, Ireland, and Russia.

Thanks SilverDoctors:
This is not Germany's largest bank. It's just a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, called Postbank
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Quote :
WARNING: The World’s Financial Market is Undergoing Total Collapse
[Ed. Note: This red alert warning comes from Steve Quayle's international banking contact, V.]

from Steve Quayle:

It has begun – the unofficial collapse of the Euro that I have announced back in late June has started to run into the massive canyon like fissures of the financial world. As web site after web site and expert after expert talk endlessly about the failing frame work of the whole western financial system; they over look one main point. That point is this; when a patient is brain dead, you may debate that there is still blood coursing through their veins, that their heart still beats, that there is still a modicum of respiration still occurring. The fact remains though the vestigial systems of the organism works, it’s main source of control that dictates every one of its voluntary mechanical operation IS DEAD. So it is with Western Banking. There are still “signs” of life, the ATMs work (for most anyway) online transactions are for the most part operational (again for most) but the arguments of liquidity and solvency rage because of the simple lack of omission that the very needed rudiments of the financial system, it’s modus operandi, it’s organized brain of safeguards and cognition has ceased functioning.

The Unofficial Euro collapse has hastened the hemorrahging of various sectors around the financial world. Lets start with a few shall we.

Derivatives: I have documented that the real loss of JPM’s previous London trade debacle is not the purported intial $2billion or the now admitted $9 billion but $150 billion total loss. This coming from a Zombie Bank that recieves 77% of its profits from the government trough. The IR Swaps that are played in this field is astronomical and is accounting for more than 85% of all derivative trades. So what does this mean? I stated many times, when people have asked me, “what is THE SIGN of a financial collapse?” I have always said that it will begin in the derivative market first. After all we have an unsustainable world wide derivative debt that is in the Quadrillions. $1.4 Quadrillion by most estimates. What does this mean and how will it play out?

Hacking: The supposed “hacking” that is occurring in over 60 banks at the same time is nothing more than those with the funds moving their assets out. It is a smoke screen, a diversion, a silent stealth bank run by the elites. Why all of a sudden there is total media black out? The funds that have been taken have crossed in to the billions of dollars. The total stealth bank runs are closer to 200 banks.

LIBOR: All over the news you hear the mother of all scandals, the fact that all the major multinational banks have been rigging the interest rate system and keeping it artificially low. Which robs you of your dividends and annihilates your savings but profiteers the banksters in their risky gamble with your money. They profit and you are left holding the bag. The banks involved in this LIBOR mess total 200 about the same that just so happen to be the same banks that are all of a sudden being “hacked” and are having “glitches”. This LIBOR scandal puts into risk an $800 trillion market made up of savings, investments, mortgages, loans and retirement accounts. Taking a sledgehammer to the confidence of the whole entire global market and western backed banking system. I laugh at these pundits who talk about the LIBOR. You see my friends there is no oversight over LIBOR,it’s just a bunch of crooks deciding what they will charge for lending amongst themselves and how they can profit off of you. LIBOR was invented to be MANIPULATED the very design of this screams so. You have to wonder why now all of a sudden LIBOR is an issue? Read on.

So what does it all mean? Simple really my friends. The whole entire western banking system is being flushed out, the whole house is being purposely burned to the ground in order to make way for the new. If you are still in paper you are a madman or woman. Pull your money out now while you still have time. I will make it as clear for you as possible, your wealth, your way of life and your posterity’s future is being PURGED, FLUSHED, BURNED OUT. The order of things are about to change officially. Watch the dollar, get out of paper, get into metals. You have been warned….Again.
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Ummmm......yeah.....Steve Quayle.

I try and keep some strong perspective when I read Steve Quayle's stuff. He's quite the alarmist.
All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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Originally Posted by ancona View Post:
Ummmm......yeah.....Steve Quayle.

I try and keep some strong perspective when I read Steve Quayle's stuff. He's quite the alarmist.
Yeah, reading alarmist material reminds me of the idea of just because something is inevitable, doesn't mean it is imminent. I expect the can to kicked down the road far longer than most believe simply because it keeps those in charge in power longer.
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