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China Headed for Economic Collapse in 6 Months and Here's Why!

China Headed for Economic Collapse in 6 Months and Here's Why!

I can see a extreme slowdown but crash? what do you think?

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China currently has a pretty opaque system of reporting as regards their economy. However, their model of "build it and they will come" is a dangerous road to travel. With the largest population of poor and destitute people in the world, most of whom never rise above subsistence farming, I cannot see how they can continue with astronomical growth without a solid domestic base to consume that production.
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Originally Posted by jprich16 View Post:
China Headed for Economic Collapse in 6 Months and Here's Why!

I can see a extreme slowdown but crash? what do you think?
You can see that? How? Explain your reasoning to us.

What do we think? What does it matter? YOU WILL NEVER COME BACK AND COMMENT ON OUR THOUGHTS, so why should we waste the time commenting? And I guess that is to be expected since SPAMBOTS, like you, cannot read.
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Maybe not in six months. More time...
But they do have major banking problems. ATMs blocked etc. etc. and in mid June is seemed like the panic of 2008 was going to repeat itself in China...

Their real estate bubble will eventually pop, but this will take time...

Europe is closer to a major crisis than China.
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