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Devils Advocate - What if this is all in the Wests best interest?

I tried to play Devils advocate with myself this afternoon and tried to imagine a situation where the people at the top aren't godless tyrants but actually have our best interests at heart.

Tax revenues as a percentage of GDP are lowest they've been in 55 years.

So in a way you could say the rich & the government aren't fleecing an obscene amount more off the people. (though they do it in many other ways like inflation.)

The increased burden which has mainly been placed on the salaried middle class though amplified by a corrupt, mismanaged government and financial elite is mainly the result of unsustainable socialist policies that see the middle class paying an unsustainable amount for the unemployed, retired and the sick. As nice an idea as it was, pensions & free medical are not sustainable with a longer lived aging population trying to compete in a globalized economy nor is more than the most basic free food and military style housing for those unable to support themselves or live with family for more than a 3 month period.

Once you strip away these entitlements that don't exist in most of the countries the west now has to compete with. Ie. Take 3/4 off of Social Security and Medicare and Pensions. Also 1/2 discretionary & military spending then America actually runs a decent surplus even if you cut social security and insurance taxes by 75% as well.

But the people will never vote for this, structural change like this would at best take place over decades if at all by which time, not just China but the rest of world will overtake the West as we become the ex basketball player who made millions but blew it all, we blame it all on our Jewish sports agent, but whichever is true we now work in a car wash for minimum wage.

So what if the only solution is to destroy our currencies? In the process you can pay off existing debts with worthless paper. Since 2008 the big banks have been given loads of money that currently still has some value and the inside track on the stock market so they can sure themselves up, buy productive overseas assets and soon loads of commodities and PM's too so that they will be in a position to survive in some form during the Event. (Of course the greedy bast-ards enriched themselves as well.)

During the 2 weeks to 6 months of complete chaos, hyper-inflation & empty shelves, the poor, elderly and sick will suffer as they are forced to make the drastic switch to very basic government handouts which are being putting in place as I write. The Police will do their best to maintain order and a functioning economy, a tough job though especially in the USA with all the automatic weapons & pissed off people about, some even trying to overthrow the government. (They will let the Republicans 'overthrow' Obama so it looks like some form of dramatic change has happened.)

Though unemployment will double, most of the working population will be able to do OK because with all currencies being debased at same time, as well as deflationary global demand pressures imports stay 'relatively' affordable. The only real problem with their plan is the price of oil which is why they desperately want to topple Iran and Syria this year. (As well as empower Israel.)

After a short time, once our government announces emergency food stocks are low the previously entitled will be grateful just for food. At this point the West will combine all the gold the US, UK, Euro, Japan and IMF have to create a global gold backed IMF currency to compete with gold backed renminbi.

Unencumbered by debts and socialist entitlements, with key banks who had been preparing for the process, the USA shocks everyone with its 'White Swan Event' - it not only gets back to full strength in 2-3 years but is now stronger than ever as it starts to be a production powerhouse again with the previously unemployed, happy to have any job that pays better than the basic food handouts.

By 2020 the US is already easily the world leader, the center of technology & business and only second to China in production. Society is stronger than ever as marriages and working class families stick & live together because they have to. On Independence day 2020 the USA announces that it is taking it's share of gold out of the global IMF fund, & that with the surplus of the last four years it is ready to launch a new precious metal backed dollar.

Sure the zionist elite will still wield an uncomfortable amount of influence and have enormous wealth because they control the mines & most of the Middle East, but at least special interests and government corruption is greatly reduced on a metal standard. (Maybe the Zionist elite never wanted to completely destroy us because among us they can kind of blend in but the Asians, Arabs or Africans would never let them be at the top of the power pyramid.)

As I said just spent the afternoon trying to answer the question, what if they were doing this because it's good for us, I don't believe it all and know I only have only a basic grasp of economics but just thinking outside the box. Shoot as many holes in it as you like I'm the new theory a week guy
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