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Economic Collapse 2014

Peter schiff explaining why the US and World Economy WILL collpase in 2014 or even sooner!

I say 8 months for the FED to stop printing money, INT rates to go up and market to start to fall thus economy start falling? what do you think?

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I believe when "IT" happens it'll make our heads spin.
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My crystal ball is pretty cloudy, but I would like to make a guess about the future of our monetary system just for the heck of it. First, I don't think the monetary system will collapse. I know that probably doesn't fit the majority view on this website, but short of a meteor crashing into the planet, I think things are going to keep on going the way they are. I see increasing regulations, and more monitoring of our transactions, and our personal lives ostensibly for our own good which is not entirely true. That seems inevitable and people seem to generally accept it. Our media keeps feeding the mis-information that big government is somehow better than big business. It confuses people.

I think the majority will continue to believe that if we just write enough rules that somehow we will be safer, happier, and have more money. Therefore the "Nanny" State will continue to grow and prosper. We will get more rules and regulations that are supposedly in everyone's best interests, and there will be fees (taxes) levied to try to pay for enforcement, and these taxes and fees will attempt to modify our behavior in more and more annoying ways (toilets, light bulbs, soft drinks, tobacco, firearms, alcohol, cars, speech, medical procedures, and everything else) Our Fiat currency will not go away. That's the bad news.

I think this is where PM's become important. Fiat currency will evolve over time (maybe sooner rather than later) into something that more resembles a ration card (electronic fiat). It won't buy you everything you want or need and it will be another way for somebody else to keep track of what you are buying. Some of this tracking is not totally bad (you might get a free salad), but some of it get's out of hand and is a really dumb idea because you can't modify what people want to buy (or eat) very easily. People get annoyed and start breaking the rules and underground economies start to thrive. This is happening all over the world where the governments get too big and too intrusive. So perhaps having some PM might help make the deal you really want. You might need to see a Dentist, and you need to get ahead of the guy with the fiat ration card who has a higher number. Maybe a little PM will help make things happen a little quicker in the future if you keep it on the down low. Under the radar. That's just an opinion. I've been wrong many times before, but I don't think the whole thing is going to just collapse. There are too many forces in place to keep it going.

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