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How much of your portfolio is in PMs?

Been reading various PM forums for the past year, and continually shocked at how many people only stack PMs and distrust other investments.

There are cycles to everything, and I TRY (try being the operative word) to stay ahead of the masses. Of course I make mistakes, and getting into PMs late in the game was one of them...

In the past year
Gold was down 8.9%
Silver was down 17.6%
S&P was up 23.3%
My house value was up ~22%

Taking it out 5 years
Gold was up 57.64%
Silver was up 35.5%
S&P was up 18.8%
My house value was down ~8%

Taking it out even further, in 10 years
Gold was up 207.8%
Silver was up 63.5%
S&P was up 76.6%
My house value was up ~29%

With the recent MASSIVE DROPS is PMs, they now constitute ~3.5% of our portfolio, not including home equity. The plan is to divest from the stock market in the next 12 months (S&P went from 683 to 1,650 in 4 years! - That ain't right). Get more into real estate (think there's more room to grow), and buy more PMs (buy low right?).

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You posed an interesting question Superhero.

While I will not state percentages, PM's are indeed a significant portion of my portfolio [such that it is anyway] and home equity is also considered, since at this time I actually still have a HELOC that I can tap for whatever I choose. However, I also have some other things I consider significant assets that I can either sell or trade for things. The first asset is weapons; many and varied. The second is ammo, far more than one would consider a reasonable quantity, even for regular sport or target purposes.

In addition, I have at my fingertips a completely outfitted fabrication shop, attached directly to the end of our building at my firm. As an officer of the company, one of the many perks I enjoy is unfettered access to the shop at any time to utilize any of the tools whenever it suits me to do so. This thing, I find to hold a greater value than most of the other assets I have.

Other assets I will not list, but suffice it to say that they are important parts of the overall mix of items and serve to round out our portfolio.
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I don't care to disclose my personal percentages, but my position is much like ancona's - heavily weighted to hard assets (real estate, tools, pms).

I have no confidence in the paper casinos. I don't like gambling.
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All I can say is that I'm not all-in. Diversification is mandatory if you're living of investment income like I do.
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I believe that nobody can predict the future and the best strategy is to be as well diversified as your personal circumstances allow with your home being the first and best place for building long term savings. I think PM's should only be a side bet and more of a hobby for the fun of it, because coins are cool. If you really think the country is going to fall apart the best paper holding I can think of might be a very large supply of toilet paper. I bet people would trade almost anything they had for a fresh roll if times got really hard.
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there will be plenty of toilet paper -

just be sure to get in quick when the runs start and not end up with the electronic version
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First, let me define how I classify my portfolio. Then how I break them down.

Class 1: savings
90-120 days in expenses of the local fiat currency
Any further savings go towards liquid, central bank resistant savings; PMs. I prefer a minimum of 1 years worth if expenses in this category.
Holdings in this category increase as my perceived country risk increases.

Class 2: Investments
Anything that produces a reliable stream of fiat income, that increases in pace of inflation. This includes things such as dividend stocks, rental real estate, ect. If you keep these long term, the changes in the price are irrelevant. Any cash flows generated are immediately converted to PMs or more investments to reduce fiat currency risks.
My holdings in this category increase as my percieved country risk decreases.

Essentially, if the country in which I reside loses its mind, my entire portfolio moves to PMs and I change countries. As things improve, I work towards owning enough investments to replace the cash flow of my employment.
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