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Big-eyed bug
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My crazy conspiracy - new metals standard, platinum $250 000 an ounce...

I just like running through/creating plots in my head, what are some of the holes in this one?

The US and central banks are planning to bring back the gold standard.
The Key though is it will be a metals standard made up of Silver, Gold, Platinum & Rhodium as outlined in the re-introduced Free competition in currencies act 2013.
(They may remove Palladium for the auto industry.)
The US government has been leasing their gold in the interim but stock-piling Platinum & Rhodium and though they will let the free market decide their respective prices they will use shills to help us agree quite logically on a metals standard that Platinum is far more valuable than gold and Rhodium even more valuable than that. (The only reason they weren't used in the past is that they were only discovered in 1803.)

In order to begin to get the idea into the national psyche they released the trillion dollar platinum coin story. They only want you to subconsciously link
Platinum - Trillion Dollars - Coin in your mind so we are receptive to the idea of Platinum being extremely valuable.

They will also let more dissent start to be heard on MSM from Alex Jones, goldbugs, Santelli etc. So that there is an mini social upheaval and the public and the market support and demand a return to a metal backed currency system.

After the 2008 credit crisis

US platinum stockpile sales suspended 7th August 2008

"The US Defense National Stockpile Center has announced that it will suspend competitive commercial offerings of six commodities, including platinum.
The suspension comes as a result of an on-going study looking into concerns about the needs for strategic materials within the Department of Defense."

US mint stops sale of platinum coins

"In 2008, however, sales of the platinum coins began to increase, though the demand for gold and silver Eagle coins swelled even further.
Due to the rise in demand for the gold and silver bullion coinage, the U.S. Mint stopped production of the uncirculated platinum coins to focus resources on gold and silver Eagle production."

2010 - The Pentagon's Strategic Materials Security Program

"The Pentagon is likely to present a plan for Congress to overhaul
its stockpiling program, which would give the military greater
power to decide what it stockpiles and how it goes about buying the materials. It also wants the authority to strike long-term deals with companies or allied nations without congressional approval."

75% of Platinum is produced in South Africa though...

8th Nov 2012 -

"In an interview with the Mail & Guardian John R Nay, elections and US foreign policy ambassador, said Obama and his strategists were quietly but intensely working on an official visit to Sub-Saharan Africa that would see him visiting, among others, South Africa"

(I realize the stockpiling of platinum & other commodities is 90% likely just to be for national defense, natural resource issues etc. but still as I said I like to think outside the box.)

So I think in this scenario gold could be revalued up to 10k from 1.6K but platinum (30x rarer than gold) could trade at anywhere from 100-$250 000 an ounce and Rhodium at (100x rarer than gold)? So if this was your plan you'd be happy to lease out gold and buy Platinum and Rhodium.
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Ground Beetle
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i dont know, i am still not convinced that metals other than Au & Ag will do as well as these two (platinum maybe). I think that when the time comes, the mess will be epic, and people will just turn to something, that ALWAYS works in the crisis
As for "them", what would be the motive to overcomplicate as much, vs. turning to good old gold & silver? Missing gold reserves, I suppose? Again, I think it is just a cockup on their part, not a part of a grand plan.

my $0.02
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“...the issue which has swept down the centuries and will have to be fought sooner or later is the People versus the Banks.
Lord Acton
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Big-eyed bug
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Thanks appreciate the reply.

Yeah I agree, in all likelihood the people will choose gold and silver.

But Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold and Rhodium is 100 times rarer than gold. So I think it's plausible that these could trade at a decent premium to gold if something like the free competition in currencies act was past.

Someone 'them' who was aware of that, would have to have some contingency plan in place for a dollar collapse and as they, the central bankers of the world openly conclude and also have the ability to influence what we think - MSM. Then I wouldn't be surprised that if for every 10-30 ounces of gold they sold they just bought an ounce of platinum or rhodium to cover.

Having said that it is a left field idea just putting it out there.
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Predaceous stink bug
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Did you notice platinum's price just crossed back over gold's price in $USD? Been a few months since we have seen that if I'm not mistaken. (maybe the trillon dollar platinum coin had something to do with it)
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