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Snidely Reggie Middleton: The Eurocalypse Has Arrived

Quote :
Just as in the case of my call on the fall of Bear Stearns (again, I believe I was the only to make such a call so far in advance), this situation consists of something you NEVER hear in the media or investment circles. This is not merely a liquidity crisis of even a solvency crisis. For the first time in recent history, it is BOTH!!! As a matter of fact, it's not just both. There is a another problem that came into play, and it is the direct result of tomfoolery at the hands of the sovereings themselves. The games that they played to assist the banks in hiding thier problems has materially weakened the entire financial system by sowing rampant mistrust. Plain and simple, government endorsed lying has made the entire system afraid to do business with itself. Let's walk through this step by step.
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Originally Posted by PMBug View Post:
While true, this crisis will be delayed as long as possible. During this period metals will be cheaper due to a stronger dollar. I would not be suprised if metal prices stayed fairly flat or even dropped a bit more through the end of this year.
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If the central planners can't postpone the big bang (and subsequent the implosion of the US banking system) after the US presidential election, then Ron Paul should run as an independent as soon as the dominos start falling. He'd have a serious chance of winning under such a scenario and the bust couldn't be blamed on him.
I doubt that we'll see the real fireworks before November, though. This is just like 08,
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SA, if the US banking dominos fall, there won't be a republic left to govern. The system has been subsumed in to the digital world, with all money controlled by computers in big manks. When they start to fall, and all credit stops, it will be one ugly sight.
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no worries, there will be financial controls brought to the table before it happens. Also SDRs will come more into play, before everything starts settling down (if, that is), that will be the next stage unveiling -eg global central bank, backed by nothing. It will probably keep going for a while.
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