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US debt in perspective

I ran some calculations recently to put thing in perspective:

Take the average thickness of a paper dollar to be 0.1mm. I found this value as a fairly common thickness of paper according to the internet.

The moon at apogee (the farthest away from the earth) is 405,410 km according to wikipedia.

If you were to print off $15T in $1 and stack them like a deck of cards that stack would be 15000000000000 mm tall, or 15000000 km.

From this you could create 37 separate stacks of bills that would each reach the moon.

The circumference of the earth is 40075 km, again from wikipedia. The dollar bill is 156 mm wide (its largest dimension).

$15T one dollar bills, laid end to end, would be 2340000000 km long, enough to encircle the earth's equator 58390.5 times.

If you were to drive around the earth in your car 58390.5 times at an average speed of 70 mph non-stop, it would take you 2385 years to finish.

I could keep going...

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I remember watching this when I was young:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

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The national debt has gone up a lot and it will only get bigger. in 4 years it would hit 24 trillion at least.

we are entering a very inflationary era. got physical?
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