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Predaceous stink bug
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Video: bail-ins, euro's end, surviving the next crisis with silver

Interesting (new) video I have just come across:

I hope silver will prove to be a sound investment on the long term...

Long live stackers!

The EU's economy seems soooooooo fragile, they will probably go bust in 5 years max. I guess it'll happen until 2017 (inclusively).

Indeed: the crisis is an opportunity.
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Wow. A lot to think about.
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I love my silver and always am looking to stack more, I just worry that in a situation where the gubment is taking fake money out of peoples bank accounts like they did in Cyprus that they will end up banning private ownership of PM's to ensure people turn it all in for fake money or risk going to jail. Not that this would stop everyone, but it would stop a lot, others would turn in people for reward, and it would make it hard to trade for stuff you need if they seriously tried to enforce the ban.
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