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Big-eyed bug
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Snidely Controlled Collapse this Christmas?

USA would unlikely to be able to survive a sudden USSR style collapse that could be brought on quite suddenly by events at home/Europe.

Unlike USSR the American people don't have:

- Three generational families all living together in the same house able to support each other
- They don't have a big sense of community and neighborliness which is necessary in such a crisis.
- They also rarely have enough food to last them more than a few days.

If you wanted to give the USA best chance of surviving you'd have to have a controlled event when their three major weaknesses are their least weak.

At Christmas time, families come together and so can support each other in the event of a sudden calamity, sense of community and neighborliness is also highest at Christmas, this is also the time of year when people have the highest average stockpile of food. People are also less likely to riot or go crazy when it is very cold.

The Wolfson prize was awarded this year for the least disruptive way for Greece to exit the Euro.

'Involves banks being closed over a relevant period, probably a weekend, capital controls put in place and on Friday night it's announced to the people that all amounts in bank accounts will be converted from Euro to Drachma, then banks open on monday.'

So it's not unreasonable that this is a process the US government could use.
The federal reserve also don't want to risk waiting for an uncontrolled collapse because it could cause a return to sound money and ruin their profit & power etc. so they would be looking to create a controlled event where they are the saviors. Fri 21st 2012 is best time as there will be few people present in government to oppose radical change. (Which is why federal reserve was created round this date in the first place.) Many citizens will take Mon 23rd off so 21st-26th (even up to Jan 2nd) gives the government the longest period available to implement some major change with banks and finance.

It would be really surprising for something drastic to happen this year but then again it has to be by surprise to avoid money leaving the country or to risk being at the mercy of an uncontrolled collapse.

(The Mayan civilization's calendar ends on Fri Dec 21st 2012 - Who Cares? Freemasons do. (Freemasons I'm lead to believe had a role to play in the creation of the federal reserve and the design of the US dollar.)
The eye of the dollar floats above an unfinished pyramid -(Which is what Mayan Pyramids look like.) So I could also imagine them attaching some significance to this day in their planning etc. if they do have some crazy new world order ideology.)

As you may be able to tell I just came up with this crack-pot scheme this morning.
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I don't see it happening this year. IMO, the currency wars will continue to play out for a few more years before anything drastic happens.
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Big-eyed bug
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Could be that they do something like the above in Greece but then the US would anticipate similar in coming Christmases & it wouldn't work. So best way could be to do one shock adjustment now when people least expect it.

Incredibly unlikely obviously but still don't let yourself get caught sleeping come Xmas because they might just take you by surprise!

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Not really crackpot Unbeatable.

Contingency planning for such an event was being discussed in the blogosphere back in 08-09, when they were struggling to keep the lid on things.
A 'Bank Holiday' is / was an inevitable part of any reset or currency replacement and banking insiders were supposedly aware of printed signs getting delivered to bank branches saying something like 'closed til further notice ...'

It seems like this danger point has been successfully passed and I now think that the CB's will collectively print to infinity and send the digits to wherever there is greatest weakness ( which will also, by co incidence, be their chums ) and no one will rock the boat too hard, as they/we are effectively ensnared in a 'mutually assured destruction' plan.

However if they really do see the writing on the wall and want to do a controlled demo, then, as you suggest, the Christmas break would make sense.
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