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Fesd crack down on seeds???

The following article is quite disturbing, since the [apparently] new mission of the Department of Agriculture is one of cracking down on local "seed libraries" where folks can come and get some seeds, then replace them at the end of the season with seeds gleaned from the plants they grew. Harmless enough.......right? Not so say the feds.

Under the so called Seed Act of 2004, the federal government claims the right to regulate teh collection and distribution of any and all seeds under the guise of agri terrorism, you know, that terrorist group that goes around and........oh that's right, they don't fucking exist. The name of the act should have been the Monsanto Fucks Us All In The Ass Once Again Act of 2004, because it was lawyers from Monsanto, Syngenta and Cargill that wrote this motherfucking piece of traitorous bullshit. I say fuck them all and feed them fish heads. All this serves to do to me is strengthen my resolve to do whatever I can to collect and preserve as many seeds of as diverse a nature as I can procure. The next move will be to require that any seeds of any kind sold within out borders be fully tested, genetically mapped and sold from "licensed" seed dealers. That's when the end game plays out. That is when it will be illegal to keep and plant your own heirloom seeds to feed your fucking family. That my friends, is when I become a terrorist. Because of this, I intend to join as many seed clubs as I can, collect as many seeds as I can get by trading the varieties we grow here in Florida and protecting my family from the real bioterrorists; the aforementioned corporations.

Here is a link to the story:

Govern yourselves accordingly folks, the pot is starting to boil.
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Self-defense here requires that anyone in ag now save seeds, and ONLY trade them with people they trust.

This is a travesty of almost monumental proportions! How dare they?! Dios mio, que estupidez!

Oh, I guess they are following the example of BOLIVIA, which not long ago banned export of QUINOA seeds, especially local varieties. Doesn't it make us Americans proud to be following Bolivia's lead (under the thumb of their whacko leader Evo Morales)?

Quinoa is a grain native to the Andes, it has ALL EIGHT amino acids unlike wheat, corn and rice. Quinoa is delicious, the stuff you can get at Whole Foods (or even Winn-Dixie) is easy to cook and tastes great!

Except to my father-in-law (93 years old) there in Peru, who will not eat it because it's "chicken-feed".........


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This plant/gene patenting business is getting out of hand.

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Friend of a friend went to the seed store to buy a bag of bean seeds for a food plot for deer.
Sales person says OK,quotes the price & then everything came to a screeching halt.
Asked him for his "Monsanto Number",says whats that,don't have one...
NO seed for you....
Kinda like the Mark of the beast....
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