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Hong Kong

I'd like to think that if we were only allowed to choose our representatives from pre-screened, ruling party approved candidates there would be an uproar, protests in the streets, a constitutional crisis.

Then I come crashing back down to reality and face the fact that we already have just that, and we like it. We even support the notion by self-selecting only those that are "electable"; wouldn't want to upset anyone by having a real opinion nor rock the boat with a real change.

So the story out of HK is that thousands have taken to the streets to protest the fact that Beijing wants to pre-select the candidates for the leadership role in HK (president, PM, Mayor, whatever they call him). Obviously that sounds like a bunch of crap that no decent person inclined to freedom would want to accept.

But of course, what we see in the media is usually garbage, quite different from what is actually happening, or not happening as is often the case.

So, I wonder, what is really going on in HK?

Yes, it is plausable that a highly prosperous and westernized megacity isn't going to be too keen on Beijing style party rule. It is plausable that they younger folks, the students, would be most vocal on this point. Who wants to be the first generation of HKers to be handed over to real China rather than enjoy the prosperity and freedom that HK is known for.

However, a student lead protest in the streets just smacks of previous and well known overseas operations by well-known and well-feared acronym laden agencies. Iran a few generations ago and Iran a few years ago, Egypt in the '50s and Egypt/North Africa in the "Arab Spring", The Maidan in Kiev and so on and so on...the pattern is certainly there.

But why? I can't help but think that this could be a well-timed protest to keep China busy while we deal with Syria through ISIS and McCain's "rebels". It would make perfect sense to distract our 2 biggest adversaries (China and Russia) with some local unrest while we try to realign the resource bearing countries.

Wouldn't it?
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I think we can be confident that the official explanation is managed by someone .....
if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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