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Premium on rare gold bars?

Hi, I have a question about the value of rare gold bars, in particular a 500g Boschmans ingot.

Is there a premium on bars like this? Or are only collectors paying extra for the rarity?

I'm thinking about selling but I have no idea if the value is indeed much higher than the gold price.

Thanks for your input
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I wasn't aware that anyone paid numismatic premiums on gold bars. Bullion is bullion. Apmex (for example) is currently selling 500g bars at spot + $15/oz (slightly higher premium for bars with assay). I doubt anyone is selling them for much more than that (because why would anyone pay more if they can get it cheaper at Apmex or some other dealer)?

BTW, welcome to the forum.
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Giffy, Im looking forward to a time when the rareness of real gold does attract a premium and the 200 paper promises for every ounce of real gold are seen for what they are.

Hang on to your Boschmans ingot and any others you have, if you possibly can.
No one here can say with certainty when the paper market will unravel but its pretty much a certainty that it will.

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Thanks guys!

I definitely prefer to hold gold right now, but an opportunity has come up for which I need some cash money
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