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Doodoo Bitch and moan- vs the silent treatment

So- after a long session of bitch and moan- I said maybe we should like in a country that $2 a day one can live well- she does not want to do that... I said- you can barely navigate a hair appointment....

So now we are on the silent treatment. In a way- I like it. No silly complaints. We have a roof, food, heat and live very well. I am not in the mood for the "my hair appointment is the worst day EVER" routine.
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Have you considered taking a vacation to such a country to see how well you both like it?
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

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This is my neighbor- we share dinner every night for 2 years now. We also go to church together- she more then I. Why cant we just stop and smell the roses? Woman drive me nuts with their hair and make up. Just be happy. An answer me this question, did you eat today? If so- today is a GREAT day. A billion people did not eat today- so I do not want to hear how awful the hair appointment was. She goes every Friday weather she needs it or not.

If we trust the Lord- then lets appreciate what we have- rather then focus on the nonsense...
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