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Enough is enough

I have been absorbing more and more absurdities as they are read off by the newstainment commentators each evening, and I finally believe that our way of life is now irretrievable without an actual insurrection. The second amendment has been openly subverted through the insanely giant ammo purchases by an agency with very little true need for even a fraction of the quantity bought, and they openly defy congressional demands for answers, giving a high flying fuck you rather than the information we as Americans deserve. Since when is this fucking totalitarian bitch some kind of queen? I do not remember reading about any extraconstitutional power being given to DHS, allowing them to fully ignore the mandates under which they were created. Nowhere can it be found written that it is permissible to leave our southern border un-protected. Nowhere is it written that Janet “{Big Sis” Napolitano has the power to ignore congress and do as she pleases. Yet she does, and does so with impunity.

I look around myself and see people going about their jobs, doing their shopping and cooking on their bar-b-que, and I know they not only are unaware of what is happening in their country, they do not seem to care. Strike up a conversation with nearly anyone around them and talk about the bank crisis in Cyprus, then watch their eyes glaze over. The most significant event in banking history since 1913 has occurred, yet not so much as a fucking ripple over here. I saw a five minute bit on that little nutless twerp Justin Beiber last night, yet not a single word about Cyprus. We were subjected to another five minute bit about Dorothy Hammil quitting dancing With the Stars, yet no one spoke about the hundreds of thousands of innocent people who have just witnessed the European Union strike a death knell for their nation, and they did so all in the interests of those who hold the loans to some banks. It is all about the money now and the corporations to whom it is owed.

Monsanto just got a bill passed that they themselves wrote, to do nothing more than preserve their right to continue destroying what is left of private and organic farms in our nation. The one corporation that should not only be shut down, but whose officers should be imprisoned for what they are doing to our food supply, is now writing their own laws. Nice! This insidious piece of abominable shit makes it legal for them to continue to sell GM seeds, even if it is proven that they are dangerous or even fatal when the resultant grain or food is consumed. This was passed in the dark of night after being piggybacked on to more important legislation by the usual suspects, who then voted the law in to existence without so much as having fucking read it.

Next we have the terminally retarded NAACP president declaring [as if he fucking knows] that the Steubenville rape victim was a willing and consenting partner to her gang rape. He does this in blind allegiance to another black person, irrespective of the enormous body of evidence piled up against the guilty miscreants who violated this child. Just as Eric Holder refused to prosecute the Black Panther thugs who intimidated [openly I might add] voters at the polls in 2008, this NAACP ass-clown is standing by the kid [Maalik] who raped the girl repeatedly and performed other degrading acts as he used her unconscious body to masturbate himself with. Instead of demanding that the thugs be held accountable, and decrying this heinous act of cowardice and abuse, he states very matter of factly that it is his opinion that this thirteen year old extremely drunk child willingly had sex with multiple partners and allowed them to digitally penetrate her and photograph the whole thing. Folks, this is where the rubber meets the road in the whole discussion about race relations in the USA. The liberal press is quick to point out when white kids or white men break the law, but when it is black men or black kids, they are referred to as “youths” or “young men”, neutralizing the conversation that we should be having. When a reporter recently wrote a fairly honest and cutting story about his interviews with real people in a Pennsylvania city, and wrote their comments in to his article about the harsh reality of race [I think in Philadelphia] he was instantly rebuked by the [black] mayor who demanded that he be “investigated” ostensibly for a hate crime. When publishing the truth gets you condemned, we are finished as a polite society and the real stratification begins. When colleges force students to stomp on Jesus name and to wear “white privilege” bracelets, we’re gone. Rather than have a conversation about race that is sensible and truthful, they want to be all hopey and dreamy about some kumbaya bullshit that will never be a reality.

Now we’re reading about how our money in the bank is really little more than a loan we made, and we don’t necessarily have any real protections after all. This is the most frightening development in the last few years, since we all thought our stashes were protected up to around 250K, but in reality, they may not be. In fact, if you read the FDIC fine print, they have a decade or more to make you whole on those deposits, which for most is little consolation for losing the saved money of a lifetimes work. We are left with few choices any more, although those who read these rants already know that gold and silver are the only real way to accumulate savings, and keeping it in your possession is the only safe way to store it. The stories of failing businesses are already coming out as a direct result of withdraw limitations imposed on Cypriot savers and businesses. People who have had a business for generations are closing the doors because they simply cannot access their rightfully owned assets. Expect the same bullshit here folks, it is but a matter of time.

The EU has shot itself in the foot and there is no turning back. In Cyprus, every single business with over 100K in deposits will immediately cease operation and fire all employees. With no access to cash and no possibility of having any of your expropriated money returned, they will simply close their doors. When this shit starts to sink in, we will read stories of multiple suicides as people give up all hope as they realize their futures have been stolen to satisfy the interest payments to northern banks, on loans they knew nothing about. We are not just talking Mom and Pop businesses here. Doctors, clinics, pharmacies, food purveyors, beverage wholesalers, clothing retailers, the whole enchilada folks, it’s all done. If this happened here in the US, my firm would be folding up as I type this missive, because with thirty five thousand a week in payroll, we couldn’t sustain operations. Period. This is wrong on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin, but I suspect we all know that however it eventually begins, it will end very, very badly. Think Storm the Bastille bad. Think leaving Saigon bad. Think Fukushima Daichi bad. The arrogance of the Dark Princes overwhelms me at times, as they truly believe they are doing what they do to make shit better. For whom exactly I have yet to figure out, but better nonetheless.

The Italians are just a camels hair away from the very same fate, with an incredible debt-to-GDP that is unsustainable in the face of a slow motion European collapse, and a non-government of squabbling parliamentarians who refuse to form a coalition. If another technocrat is appointed to run things there, Italy will most certainly become the next domino to fall, and if it does, the rest of Europe will swiftly follow. Cyprus is child’s play in the grand scheme of the EU, however Italy is large enough to bring the towers down. I cannot imagine an entire continent filled with angry Europeans whose life savings have been looted and economies destroyed. I’m not sure how big their armies are, and I am equally unsure how large their domestic security police forces are, but I’ll bet a dollar that they will be no match for five hundred million starving Europeans facing them down with petrol bombs and pitchforks.

This is just a glimpse of our collective futures under this and all following administrations people, because our government has been subsumed within the Brotherhood of Darkness, lured by the promise of riches and fame. It really is our fault as constituents because we continue to vote these parasites back in to office term after term. We never asked ourselves to whom they are allied. We never asked where all the money came from. We never wondered aloud how it was possible for someone to enter congress broke as a joke, yet come out a millionaire. We never questioned why so many ex-congressmen now sit on boards of directors across the land, while being paid millions upon millions of dollars. We never asked why bills are voted upon that no one has either read or understands, yet we blindly accept that it is for the best and that our congress is only acting in our best interests. Although there exists a small minority of Americans who did ask the questions, and many of them will actually read this rant, we are written off as extremists. We are called moon bats and worse. Soon, we will be persecuted by those who believe what we have saved and prepared should be shared with those who did not bother.

The DOW is at all-time highs, and it is there on the lowest average volume I have ever seen. This is an apparition of the highest order, because what you think you see is an illusion created for the benefit of a very select few. These elite few will be the only ones to reap the profits of exceptionally high stock prices, as they will quietly bail out when the time is near, leaving the pension funds, mom and pop and the private retirement account holders in the dust while the market comes crashing down from its artificial perch. We have been set up for the largest economic crash in the history of earth, and we’ll have front row seats.

Better dig out those big boy pants, ‘cause we’re gonna need ‘em.

Sorry about the rant.
All things being equal, the simplest answer is quite often the correct answer - Occam
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love n peace man ...........

and stop apologising for your rants, they're awesome (-:
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This rant hits home on a few things I have noticed this week.

Concerning Cyprus, I tried bringing up with a banker friend who just looked at me blankly and didn't know what I was even talking about.

Concerning two sided racism, I can't imaging the national storm of fury if a white republican had done something like the below. Not a peep about this in the national news:

"Mitchell responded from his public, email account at 11:59 p.m., telling Maxwell: "Your folk never used all this sheit (sic) to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed (sic), imported criminal-minded kin folk."

Concerning government agencies out of control:

"Department of Homeland Security are under fire for sending what is being described as a “chilling” message to U.S. Border Patrol agents demanding “obedience,”

“quickly and cheerfully carrying out the direction of those who are responsible for me.”

"...both the Border Patrol and Customs have already engaged in a number of “purges” where agents close to retirement were forced to retire even though they still had room for advancement. “They want employees who are loyal to DHS and CBP"
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Let's suppose you were the DHS, with all this power to spy on everyone without a warrant...and you're a government beaurocracy. Who do you think they'd spy on first? How about the single most black-mailable class of humans on earth - congress.
It wouldn't take 3 seconds for the average .gov schlub to figure out that effective control over who handles the purse strings would be job #1.

I can't be blackmailed with the truth - I just don't care who knows what about me.
But I'm not a congress-critter - we all know that despite a relatively puny payscale, they all retire multimillionaires...since their job depends on appearing "clean" and we know damn well they aren't - the "dog that didn't bark" follows logically.

This is also why they roll over for Hollywood and give them the best laws money doesn't even need to buy - just the threat of them telling the truth is enough.
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