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Liberty GATA Now Funded With Rothschilds’ Dirty Money PDFPrintE-mail Written by Jeff Nielson Friday, 08

GATA Now Funded With Rothschilds’ Dirty Money


Written by Jeff Nielson Friday, 08 November 2013 12:18

Articles & Blogs - Gold Commentary
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It’s with a heavy heart that I write this commentary: the corruption of what was formerly an entity of information and truth. My own discovery of this dirty-little-secret came personally.

For approximately four years GATA (the “Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee”) had been publishing my commentaries, and with increasing frequency over the past year, in particular. Then, abruptly, all such publishing instantly and permanently halted.

The basis for this sudden (and total) censorship of my commentaries? I was told that “one of GATA’s most significant individual supporters” had claimed that there were “anti-Semitic” undertones in one of my (more than 1,000) commentaries: “The One Bank”.

There are numerous problems with this false-accusation, beginning with the fact that none of my commentaries (including the one in question) ever mention the ethnicity of any individuals discussed, for the simple reason that this is “analysis” – and only relevant data is included in such analysis.

What, then, was the basis for this false-accusation? I simply used the name of a Jewish family – Rothschild – in one commentary. There was not a single reference to their ethnicity in the entire commentary. There was not a single reference to their ethnicity in any of the research material cited in that commentary. It’s like being accused of “homophobia” for simply mentioning the name of a gay individual, even though never revealing or alluding to their sexual orientation.

Further proof comes in the fact that it took this mysterious, financial “supporter” of GATA an entire month to come forward with this accusation. Indeed, the accusation came immediately after a massive, sustained “cyber-attack” directed against our website had failed to destroy it.

Additional proof comes in the fact that all my work is now censored at this now-corrupt entity, including any/all commentaries which contain no references of any kind even to the original commentary. GATA is not censoring “anti-Semitism”; GATA is censoring “Jeff Nielson”.

More particularly; GATA is censoring the name “Rothschild”, a family so wealthy (and powerful) that they deem it an unpardonable sin for anyone to even mention their name publicly. This naturally begs the question: what do they have to hide?

The answer to that question comes inside the very commentary which was/is the basis for my censorship: their “One Bank.”

The very existence of the Rothschilds’, gigantic financial monopoly – which by itself “controls 40%” of the global economy – is illegal. It is a violation of our “anti-trust laws” (ironically the very laws which GATA seeks to have enforced), which are the principle foundation of our entire, capitalist economic system. Not surprisingly; the operators of this Crime Syndicate don’t want to see their illegal entity ever mentioned by any media source.

Regular readers are very familiar with the crimes of this financial cabal. (Criminal) manipulation of the $500+ trillion “LIBOR” debt market. (Criminal) manipulation of global currency markets. Serial “laundering” of the money of known drug cartels, and “terrorist” organizations. (Criminal) rigging of all markets, most particularly global commodity markets.

A much more-detailed chronology of the more-than-one-hundred-year history of this ruthless Crime Syndicate can be found in the superb documentary “The Money Masters.” The only thing “new” about the Rothschilds’ 21st century crimes is their sheer magnitude.

Indeed, with its obscene size; its crime-empire has now branched out into other spheres not even remotely connected with banking. One of its latest criminal escapades is sleazy, gangster-style “racketeering” in the metals warehouses it operates all over the world – but especially inside the United States.

The natural question on the minds of readers new to all of this financial malfeasance is: how do the Rothschilds get away with this ongoing Organized Crime? It certainly helps when the Attorney General of the United States – Top-Cop for “the world’s only superpower” -- is one of your employees.

Explaining how the Rothschilds can permanently perpetrate their “One Bank” crime requires nothing more than explaining why all such monopolies (and oligopolies) are illegal, in the first place. They are entirely corrupt entities, which taint anything-and-everything they touch. Obviously a monopoly which “controls” 40% of a $70-trillion global economy has more than enough “dirty money” (if it wanted to) to buy every politician on the planet – and any/all of the media entities which should be reporting on its crimes.

Putting aside the particular details of this censorship; there is a far more-disturbing principle involved here: a media-entity which allows its “editorial policy” to be dictated by a financial backer. In turn, any media entity whose “voice” has been bought is no longer a “media entity”, but rather a vessel of propaganda – where only “approved” viewpoints are presented.

Being an avid supporter of GATA (and all of its previous, important work and achievements in the precious metals sector); it is especially painful to be the Messenger reporting on this journalistic corruption. Undoubtedly my own motives here will be questioned.

My answer to such inquiries is simple. Corruption is like a “cockroach”; expose it to light and it will generally scuttle away – looking for the nearest rock to crawl under. My hope (if not expectation) is that with their funding of GATA now revealed, that the Rothschilds will cut-off their flow of dirty money.

Censorship loses much of its value to its Censorers once exposed. Indeed, the louder the question “what do they have to hide?” is asked, the more likely that censorship will blow-up in the faces of the Censorers themselves. Instead of suppressing the Secrets they seek to hide, they end up drawing attention to them.

Out of all the writers who was published at GATA; I was singled-out for permanent censorship. Why? Because I mentioned the name “Rothschild”, once. Why is no one allowed to even mention that name?

We live in (supposedly) “free societies”. Protected within these “free societies” is Free Speech. Obviously if certain words or names can not even be mentioned in our societies without attracting extreme/absolute Censorship; then our speech is no longer “free.”

Ironically, the gist of my “One Bank” commentary was that this monstrous, criminal financial entity was rapidly depriving us of our economic liberty. The One Bank has added an exclamation-point to my original message by showing it also seeks to deprive us of our political liberties – i.e. our human rights.

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All I know is that they make a helluva great red wine if you like that sort of thing. This guy needs to drink more.
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