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Here's why Germany wont get UK gold back

It's an old article from Feb last year, so don't know if its already been covered but it tries to imply to the sheeple that we have a lot more gold than we do never mentioning only 307 tons (Or only 6% of total is ours.) Even though it does say at the end not all of it is ours.

Quote :
It seems Gordon Brown did not manage to completely strip the country of its assets when he sold off 400 tons of gold at rock-bottom prices
Quote :
... the 4,600 tons of the precious metal still stored in these concrete-lined vaults in the heart of London will be a welcome sight for those worried we have little left to fall back on

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Uh huh.....Gordie Brown, he fucked up big time when he sold off Englands gold.
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Originally Posted by ancona View Post:
Uh huh.....Gordie Brown, he fucked up big time when he sold off Englands gold.
Gordon is (was?) the standard bearer for the New World Order cheerleaders in the Bilderberger club. I'm pretty sure everything he did was calculated for effect.
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