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HUGE new data center coming in Utah

Zero Hedge has a very interesting article on the huge new NSA data center being built in Utah. It looks to be orders of magnitude bigger than anything seen before. Scheduled to be finished in September 2013.

Please discuss, this PM guy would like the high quality comments I have seen here before! Thanks!

(I double-posted the link below PMBug to see if I have this figured out, both should be live, one I copied and pasted from ZH directly, the second I copied and pasted using your link widget and edited out the dupe info, let´s see if I did it right, kive and learn!)
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Oops, sorry, I posted this link on the "google gonna rape your privacy" thread with comments before I saw this.

This is pretty spooky (pun intended).
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Well, let's keep the conversation going in the main thread:
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