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Liberty kid gets his first job

so my cousins kid- the oldest - he gets his first job- yay! His first "paycheck" mom threw into the burn barrel- and burned it by accident- as it turns out there are no longer paychecks- it is direct deposit or a debit card- she basically destroyed his very first working, "check".

So after some thought it can be reversed- jump thru some hoops.

But there for several hours she thought she was the worst mom on earth!!
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My kid got his first job at Chicken Express this summer (part time/min wage). They docked his first paycheck five dollars for the money he was short the register. When I expressed shock, he said he was lucky, most of the other kids get docked 75 dollars. Turns out its legal. My 28 year old is living at home (two college degrees, international business, int. economics.) No jobs in his field, he's been working at the local grocery store the last three years. Welcome to the wave of the future.
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My first job was dishwasher for a restaurant called Madeira Manor. I got paid just over 2 bucks an hour and though I was Mac Daddy major rich fucker. I earned about twenty or twenty five bucks a week. If I did the cute waitresses a favor, they threw me a few bucks. All in all it was good for me.
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I was a cashier for many years- we were allowed $1 short. My coworker could not count - so I often ended up with an extra $1. Back then it bought a gallon of gas.
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