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local elections

So in Nov we have city elections. We are trying to unseat a mayor who has been in power for 25 years. We booted him once- and time to boot him again.

He is worried about people who get their info from social media- and the net.

One thing that crossed my mind is that I wont necessarily agree with the new admin.
The difference is- the 3 guys we are running can not be bought off... or at least are not currently bought off. Even still I am sure it wont be utopia if we win.

Granted our city looks pretty now- we did spruce it up- however it is not going into over kill- with frivolous wasteful things- to include NWO parts.

Someone has put strong arm pressure on our police chief.

We have a rally planned- a recruitment drive- and one sign on my house I am waiting for more signs.

Some of us feel it is THIS election which decides the fate of our city.

The newspaper wants the incumbants- and it is to the point where at times you have to shut up on how you really feel about the status quo. Get the punches in but when they count.

The man we are running- has been on city pol for over 20 years. He knows alot of the behind the scenes. You should see him face to face- he is all jovial... he rattles off the corruption.. his story washes- because we have a Scotsman who came over and made our fair city home. THAT guy gets the dirt on everyone! I would like to spend some time with him. The thing is- I cant understand his accent. Maybe it is my hearing.

So the other day there is a social media site- and the one owner of it- is in tight with the mayors people... she wont allow people to do politics- but if some people comment or click like she will let a post stand. I brought up the fluoride issue- and bamm- 3 people who also had bad thyroids posted. This is progress from a year ago.

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