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The NYET(s) heard around the world

A key clue to unraveling the web of lies around 9-11

As I wrote when the story broke, the revelations that Saudi Arabia, while admitting full control of Al-Qaeda and terrorist groups and with the full backing of the United States, attempted to first bribe, then threaten the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Russian people with terrorist acts at the Sochi Olympics, were important keys into solving who the real architects of the entire “War on Terror” paradigm are. It is now almost perfectly clear who brought down the World Trade Center and who is responsible for the state of endless war and illegality that the peace-loving-world has been subject to since September 10, 2001.

The planners are clearly known but the executors have always been a mystery. A mountain of evidence exists that 9-11 was a joint US/Saudi/Israeli effort but now with the revelations that the Saudis control US created Al-Qaeda, and the long record of “cooperation” between (wants-to-be-king) Prince Bandar and the Bush family, it has become unquestionable that the Saudi role has been much greater than was once believed.
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If the Saudis make good on their subtle threat to impair the petrodollar and relations with the US turn sour enough, I wouldn't be surprised to see the US media suddenly "discovering" evidence that the Saudis were involved. Perfect pretext to start the drumbeats of war and apply pressure on them to get back in line. Tug of war power struggle continues...
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