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Rodney King is dead

check out the la times.

I want to make a point. He was on pcp.

But look closely- in 1991 he was tazed. Think about that. 1991. Tazers were not invented yet- you seen that video even=- but we rewrite history now- as of now- in 1991 he was tazed.
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Then make the point. You're right, the LA Times did use the word "Taser" out of context. I'm not sure what the police in LA were packing at the time in terms of less-than-lethal force. I only read the re-writes of some of the stories as he was 'shot with stun guns', not sure how many other stories specifically used the word 'taser'. Where I read that wasn't really a solid news source for American news, though.

They were most certainly called "Stun Guns" back then, although I don't care enough to do the research about what they were:
LA Times, August 1990: Mayor Defends Use of Police Stun Guns
LA Times, June 28 1990: Police Stun Gun Used on Epileptic Driver: Ventura: Officials confirm that the officer fired the high-voltage device nine times after the man, still groggy from a seizure, did not get out of his car.

Rodney King admitted a month or two ago (April 27, 2012) on an NPR update story about his continued problems with alcohol. Other stories there include assumed ongoing problems with drugs that he didn't deny either.

I could care less this guy is dead since he didn't do much with his sudden fame, regardless of how much of a fuckup he was to get it, but I get your frustration with the use of the word 'taser' and shoddy reporting.
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Unlike on the cop shows on TV designed to intimidate wrongdoers, it's going to be weeks before they get the lab results on what was in his bloodstream at the time.

Seems MSM has a lot of interests they like to help out. If some of those shows were realistic, there would be zero crime in the country. Truth is, there really are no detectives and labs that good...or that hardworking.
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I am not a gun expert.


A tazer is not a stun gun. The pain of a tazer is more substantial. Being that Larry er rondey King was on PCP. he would not feel it and the battery fizzled.
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