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Lightbulb rut- rxs- Chicago- health issues, sanity, no sleep

Ever since my neighbor had a heart attack- my health- mental well being has declined- this is 6 months. She is trying to get better.

You may recall- a post I did a while back- happy that I could get pain pills from my Dr. Often the choice is bombed out of my head, this cold snap- tells me I have my grampas genes- his legs would be in so much pain he told gram he wished he were dead. For 15 years tho- he became a snow bird. The FL weather was easier on him. He Winterized his PA house, and went to central GOP area of FL - and lived in a camp ground, gated, and for retired folks only. The money he saved on his heat made up for the cost of the camp. (sort of)

Back to my rut-

In light of my declined physical and mental state- I have a wild idea. Before that- to update you on my last trip to Chicago-I patched things up with my brother.

A person in my life- I known my whole life- in Chicago- is coming into a settlement check. (a cousin) She wants to pay for my trip from PA to Chicago. I will only drive that trip- so there is no airport thing. Our uncle just passed away- so she is wanting family. When I seen she was serious about paying for a trip- I told her I need $300 to make that trip. Figure a good 1400 miles round trip- gas, tolls, quart of oil, coffee, and a burger on the road. This cost assumes- I have a couch to crash on and am not doing tourist things, etc. Last night she told me she agrees to $325. I will be staying with her. My last 3 trips have been 4 days- door to door. Of course always bring more money then you need.

My neighbor says- that all my meds are cancelling eachother out.

When I am in Chicago- I do NOT need the same doseage as I do here.

I do however require- SOME. On my last visit- mom and all wanted us to go to lunch- I am mentally like - do we have to- lets get it over with- so I took a pain pill- and 10 mins later I was good to go. When I see my 3 nephews it is so worth it!

When the DR authorized pain pills-I was happy days are here again. This means I have extra cash!! I was buying them online and on the street.
Understand that this "trade" is fluid. If you are out of the scene- you cant break back into it- so to some extent you have to play ball or throw a good referral. Same deal with online. The point is I will need SOMETHING- for the trip.

I can buy tramadol online--and seriously I think this is a better pill then vicodin. However a dr told me that tramadol will (?) not be appropriate due to other medications. He did not say which one- and this was an urgent care dr- not my long time DR.

Once again- there is a nationwide ADHD/ADD pill shortage. So I had to call my Drs office 4 times. I hate being a pain in the azz- but I wanted that rx NOW- not some time in April.

The point on all of this post is- I am thinking on MORE trips to Chicago- even if I have to sell $300 of my stack each trip. I know this is for someday and the crash and I might even regret it. But honestly- it is like I am already dead on some days.
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