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Taxing "Darwinian" Consumption

Top professor at Cornell, weekly contributor to the New York Times, it was interesting to see what was in this guys book...

"A worker might well accept a riskier job at a higher wage because doing so would cover the monthly payments on a house in a better school district. But the same observation applies to other workers. And because school quality is an inherently relative concept, when others also trade safety for higher wages, no one will move forward in relative terms. They'll succeed only in bidding up the prices of houses in better school districts."

"Unfortunately, the nasty libertarians bar the path. They profess the astonishing idea that people have the right to spend their money as they wish and that the government has no right to take it from them without their consent. Do they not see that they stand in the way of efficiency? Out with them!"

Let me see, the supposed learned men we should all listen to tells us that hard work and competition are bad, leave society less well off, and should be taxed out of existance.
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Sounds pretty standard for most of the folks I know in academia.


I like the idea of trading silver with the gentlemen while keeping gold like a king and always appearing as a peasant...
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That is simply retarded. His statement is ridiculous. These "academics" often speak in circles, using circular logic. The market is pretty good at finding the right price for something all by itself and without interference by .Gov or unions. As far as I can see, the Davis Bacon Wage Rate Act and unions themselves have only sderved to make doing things significantly and artificially more expensive. When I do work at NASA I am subject to the DBWRA, which means some unspectacular broom pusher gets paid 22.97 an hour, but if a similar project is contracted by a private enterprise [like Space-X] I pay the average wage of 15 dollars an hour to the same guy at the same location. It is all completely absurd.
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mmmm bacon wage rate ............

when can i start ?
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