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Umberto's Clam House...

My gawd, has our trip started out with a couple of bangs!

1) My wife aces playing "Beer Pong" at the keg-party that we attended in DC (22 attendees, all but us under 40), her first time playing (a few more details at my blog article reviewing Barron's).

2) And tonight, dinner at Umberto's Clam House, the new location (and so not exactly where "Crazy" Joey Gallo was killed), but close enough for us. The owners are still in the rival Genovese family... And my wife had Gallo's "Linguini in Clam Sauce", the same dish Gallo was eating while shot.'s_Clam_House

Umberto's Clam House is a resturant in Little Italy(NYC).

In May 2000, Umberto’s Clam House in Little Italy reopened in this new location at 178 Mulberry Street—two blocks down from the original at 129 Mulberry St, which closed in 1996. Best known as the setting for the gangland murder of Crazy Joe Gallo on April 7, 1972, it is still run by Bobby Ianiello, brother of alleged Genovese family capo Matty the Horse, who has been in prison since 1985 for IRS violations.


And like all of you, I can hardly wait to see what happens in the markets tomorrow re Greece and France.

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As much as I hate being in big cities, Manhattan has some of the best reestaurants around. I really miss the deli food you can get there. Giant shaved black forest ham sandwiches and a cup of chicken noodle soup with a big 'ol pickle wedge. Yum!
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