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Wild hair cuts!

So the one boy here has a pink mohawk, and his buddy has a purple one.

When I was a kid- we would never do that.

The good news it that when I go to correct them- I dont freak out- because I am trying not to laugh at the hair.

You know if can be fun to see the old man with the nice yard get upset.

I think I prefer when they play ball.
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wild hair, cut .......

rode my bike to the bank a few weeks ago to rotate some paper - ie cheques in £s out

( here bike means motorcycle)

realised when i put my crash helmet on that i really needed a haircut cos it was poking into my left eye no matter what and i was clearly no longer needing my shaggy winter look, due to warmer days arriving.
Well, a barber shop seems to have materialised a couple doors down from the bank, so i thought id give it a go.

i opted for the 'leave it long but thin it down' cut.
Unfortunately the fella there can only do 1 cut or run clippers and make you almost bald, so i ended up with the 'smart executive' look like yer mum would approve of )-:

Bollox, there goes my carefully projected 'mad hippie' look and the ultimate irony was that when i put my crash helmet back on, my hair was still poking into my left eye

only it wasnt my hair, it was a bit of thread in the helmet liner that had unstitched !!

if it cant be done with a digger .... it cant be done
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