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Liberty woman are crazy

so- you recall my posts about Jenny.

The other night- I was in for a 1 hour lecture on how her sugar daddy gave her a look she did not like.

Granted he is a creep- and it is more less a money thing... but she is wrecking a good thing.

They have dates on wednesday night- and he "loves" to go to walmart- alright who is BS here- men do not love to shop- he just want to look at her butt!
So she needed some watch batteries. The tally was over $70 which he is expected to pay- he gave her a look when the bill was so high- well this set her off.

But think about this- her goal was a car. $70 less for a car because she NEEDS junk from walmart. I can understand 1 battery- but $70 worth? aside from which she has 2 cell phones and the phone has the time on it!

Of course it is pointless to tell her any of this- at some point he will cut her off and she will lament on how no one will "help" her.

Think about it- 2x a week- he buys them both drinks out and a weekly stop for shopping- in the course of a month how much is this? Lets say $70 at wallmart and $30 for drinks each week- that is $400 for the month and in 2 months would be a car.

I am put off by this.

I view her sugar daddy as a dirty old man. and her as a gold digger.

-- and when it all comes crashing down- I will be the on call counsellor on how no one "helps" her.


and if she has to have a watch- dollar tree has them- $1.06 and she is out the door!
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it IS the worlds oldest profession for a reason...
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@ Penn, no shi'ite that some women are CRAZY!

I would suggest you:

1) put up a fence with nice spikes on it with a sturdy gate

2) buy a couple of those freon noisemakers they use at HS football games

3) buy yourself some ear plugs

4) bullet-proof glass (windows) and a steel core door

5) some kind of female dog who likes you but NOT her!

Maybe that would help...

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Those weren't watch batteries. The old man needs Viagra.
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

H. L. Mencken
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