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Angry woman drive me nuts

recall- some posts I made about Jenny and her wanting a car. It is now 2 years- she has no car- her plan did not work to save $100 a month- nor did her BF help her.

I looked at a car for $1400 book was close to 3k. it was junk.
I would not have paid $500 for it.

SO- seen a great truck- for $2500 book was $4500-$8k.

Asked her if she could pay $100 a month till paid off. She gave me a lecture on how she does not want a truck.

Today I see a pathfinder for $1400. book on that is higher- she is too good for a pick up truck.

She thinks she is going to go to an auction and get one for $500-$700. Any car I seen for less then $1400 had a cracked head gasket- needed engine or trans.

Everytime I talk to her I hear how no one will help her. I offered her my old car for the price of the junk yard- NO. I do these for her and HELL NO.

Let the bitch walk for 2 more years- she also pays $50 in car insurance for a car that she does not drive.

Why are woman so bent on inspection? an inspection has nothing to do with how a car runs!
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You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

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she was the same way when I suggested she move into the town house in back of me.

it is 2.5x bigger then her place and more cetrally located
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Get her a pink bicycle! It's cheaper, more eco-friendly... plus: they always wanna lose weight!
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