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  1. Historical Precious Metal Prices and Technical Trading Charts - All in Excel
  2. Blue light special!
  3. Digital Gold - Good, Bad or Dead?
  4. Did India Just Hurt Gold’s Chances Even Further?
  5. Perth Mint sales of gold and silver coins
  6. Copper?
  7. Royal Canadian Mint sales of Maples
  8. As promised...
  9. Who turned on the rockets?
  10. Indium
  11. So, gold and silver prices go sky high
  12. Peter Schiff Does Stand Up Comedy!
  13. Customs/tax on silver from Canada to US?
  14. Scale reco?
  15. JPM may sell or spin off physical commodities business
  16. HELP! Need advice
  17. Precious metals are still great investments
  18. Goldman Sachs Creating Artificial Shortages of Metals - Rigging Markets and Profiting! Must Watch
  19. IRS reporting for physcial PM transactions
  20. Review of American Hard Assets -- Issue 4
  21. Unobtanium (rare earth metals)
  22. Tulving sold out of everything!
  23. Total Cost Ratios
  24. France ban gold and silver, and jewelry in mail
  25. iPhone app for ping test gold/silver coins
  26. Honest, hard look at the current "bottom" in PMs
  27. The State of Platinum and Palladium Mining
  28. Japan & the paper gold price
  29. Jim Rogers Discusses At What Price You Should Start Buying Gold - May 2013
  30. RESPONSE TO: Martin Armstrong's Silver Flash Crash
  31. IRS targeting physical gold and silver investors?
  32. Beep beep beep
  33. Global Precious Metals Trading Company fraud
  34. Most crowded trades
  35. JPM and Blythe Masters in legal trouble for Enron style scandal?
  36. Platinum market shifts to deficit, first time in 7 years - GFMS
  37. CME President on Gold: “They Don’t Want Certificates, They Want the Real Product"
  38. Be ready for a pullback
  39. More hearsay about physical demand
  40. New PM Classified Ads Site
  41. How Much Money is There on Earth?
  42. vid-28 min-currency vs money- Mike Maloney
  43. Alchemy risk?
  44. [VIDEOS] CBC documentary: The secret world of gold
  45. Russia's Moscow Exchange plans to develop gold bullion market
  46. CME hike margins 18.5%
  47. Maguire: LBMA default triggered nuclear explosion in gold and silver
  48. Tulving website down
  49. Dollar index (DXY) composition weighting on pms
  50. Spanish Imperial Gold
  51. Danger in Predicting PM Prices
  52. eBay increasing listing fees for bullion
  53. Paper being sold hand over fist and physical being bought hand over fist as the MSM starts reporting
  54. Analysis please...
  55. Stack Phyz or Pay Back Loans??
  56. How long can we take PMs getting pounded?
  57. Paper market problems?
  58. Central Banks Bought More Than $4.5 Billion In Gold In 2013 In three months they bought 81 tonnes
  59. American Hard Assets -- Issue No. 2
  60. Russia and South Africa to form platinum cartel
  61. How much gold is Smaug hoarding?
  62. Get ready for the Precious metals Friday smackdown tomorrow !!
  63. Would you go all in?
  64. Market info
  65. Van Eck files to launch redeemable U.S. Gold, Silver ETFs
  66. CNBC Video - Is Retail Running from Gold?
  67. Rampant gld fund inventory raids
  68. Effects of a return to a Gold Standard...
  69. Is it Time to Sell Gold & Silver and BUY Platinum & Palladium?
  70. Silver - Visualized in Bullion Bars
  71. Have your spidey senses ready...
  72. Q: (physical) gold more volatile than silver??
  73. Be your own central bank
  74. Gold likely to become a currency this year: analyst
  75. Russia, Turkey add gold holdings again in Jan: IMF
  76. World’s biggest gold storage company dumps US citizens
  77. Just out on the wire ! India’s gold imports surge 23% in January
  78. I'm calling the bottom in gold
  79. [Video] Sprott Precious Metals Round Table
  80. If the economy and the USD don't crash
  81. Chris Powell of GATA Interview: The Truth Behind the Price of Gold
  82. Legg Mason encouraging investors into gold
  83. American Hard Assets -- a new magazine!
  84. Alternative media websites under attack?
  85. Warren Buffet getting into Gold & Silver?
  86. What's really going on with this economy
  87. Global production numbers
  88. Paper markets vs physical bullion markets - why spot isn't a good guard dog
  89. Swiss banks now offer allocated gold silver accounts
  90. I'm new here...
  91. Palladium is a screaming (paper) short (Jan 25th)
  92. some_math_guy on kitco forums
  93. CFTC Commissioner Jill Sommers leaving
  94. Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust (infographic)
  95. LBMA (and MineWeb) prediction contest(s)
  96. The US mint anomaly
  97. Precious Metal Purchasing Act - State of Illinois
  98. Only 8th Jan and nearly 4 million Silver Eagles sold!
  99. Summer 2012 redux, giant buyer btfd in gold+silver today
  100. Keiser Report: Year of Banking Death Penalty