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  1. Turk compares silver's historical price with Apple
  2. Europe weighs on the market
  3. Favorite place to buy PMs
  4. Gold lives — An interview With Bill Murphy
  5. Alasdair Macleod details the mechanics of gold price suppression
  6. Indonesia imposes 20% EXport tax on Au, Ag and Pt, will stop exp. in 2014
  7. PM Bug
  8. Waaah
  9. [VIDEO] David Morgan: What the HECK is HAPPENING with The Metals?
  10. Charles Schumer Tells Americans They Can't Leave So Easily
  11. Holy shit!
  12. Short squeeze is short term driver, what's next
  13. Stupid question about Venezuela gold
  14. Record Keeping??
  15. IRS 1099 Gold Reporting - Private Gold? - Private Silver Bullion?
  16. Backwardation for Silver AND Gold.
  17. Miners will need $3,000 gold price to be profitable, WGC head says
  18. Rumor: India considers gold-backed bonds
  19. What type of PM buyer are you?
  20. Watch the herd
  21. 28% Capital Gains Tax on PM & The Black Market
  22. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.
  23. Love me some Moriarty
  24. Buffet and gold
  25. European Dictatorship?
  26. Big buy signal for pms by Germany's largest newspaper
  27. CME Raises Margins for Non-Hedged Accounts to Meet CFTC Rule
  28. The price of dollars in gold
  29. Glitch in the Matrix?
  30. When will it end?
  31. Any Aussies into Precious metals?
  32. GDP numbers miss expectations
  33. Space mining? Conspiracy?
  34. Suspected cyber-attack hits Iran’s oil sector
  35. PM Trends
  36. Perfect storm for pm volatility coming on April 25th (FOMC & opex)
  37. Waiting for the mail man!
  38. Research, PM stats needed
  39. Time to sell physical in hopes of rebuying later at a discount?
  40. King World News under DDoS attack (again)
  41. Analysis of trading data on April 4th smash
  42. CME lowers margins
  43. NTR and Ohio Precious Metals merge companies
  44. Richard Russell went full nutter
  45. I love the smell of tradition in the morning
  46. Gold and Silver Dividends
  47. Richard Duncan
  48. Silver and crossword puzzles
  49. South Carolina House approves gold and silver as money
  50. A word to the wise ...
  51. London olympics "gold" medal contains just 1.5pct gold, but 92.5pct silver
  52. Watching
  53. Which gold coins?
  54. How to select which metal to buy and sell
  55. Sign of the times to come?
  56. What is the optimum ratio of G/S/C?
  57. New kind of pm bar "invented" - breakable into 1g pieces
  58. Who is your favourite PM "expert"?
  59. Itulip Ka-poom update
  60. Stack size goal
  61. Open interest (futures & options) watch for gold silver
  62. ignition charts
  63. Premiums for physical Platinum
  64. Interesting Post on the whole Euro/Gold/Oil conspiracy
  65. Silver to bottom out soon?
  66. Gold more volatile than silver, platinum and palladium during last few days
  67. JPM whistleblower exposing shenanigans?
  68. New metals exchange to replace PAGE
  69. Rhodium (ten page analysis inside)
  70. KWN's 'London trader' says massive physical orders fulfilled in the last couple of days
  71. Short technical take on gold and silver
  72. Banks may have to divest commodity operations?
  73. The Netherlands a wild card?
  74. Interesting video
  75. US Mint Sales Down on AGE and ASE
  76. Open interest in the paper metals
  77. The Greek tipping point and zee price stability
  78. Platinum Resurgent!
  79. Senior US Bankers Have Timetable for Greek Default (23rd March)
  80. The Terminal Beginning Of The Western Financial World
  81. Paper margins cut. Bullish?
  82. Buffett article says gold is a bubble
  83. Gold Procrastinators
  84. [VIDEO]Competing currencies in Indonesia (Rupiah vs. gold and silver)
  85. James grant and gold standard
  86. Swiss stock exchange introduces gold as a trading currency
  87. Blythe Masters, the wicked witch, spreading her wings
  88. Washington State representatives want to legalize gold and silver
  89. Gold eagles, pure gold?
  90. New Blog
  91. Silver scam in my town!
  92. Confluence of recent events
  93. PLEASE HELP liberty dollar activist B. von NotHaus facing 22y in jail by WRITING his JUDGE
  94. Prospects for equities over next decade
  95. Individual US States push for gold and silver legalization
  96. Intervention in Libya was largely about gold, Rickards tells Future Money Trends
  97. Long term View of the Gold/Silver ratio
  98. another, FOA, FOFOA
  99. [VIDEO] Bullion banking system 'not fully backed,' Naylor-Leyland tells CNBC Europe
  100. Supply/Demand dynamics