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  1. Empire Club Outlook 2012: Why Rising Debt Will Lead to $10,000 Gold
  2. eBay / Widget
  3. sales tax?
  4. Legislation Seeks Steel Cents and Nickels
  5. Couch Time For Precious Metals Investors
  6. GATA asks for donations
  7. Cheapest place to buy silver coins?
  8. Tracking the eBay / PM widget
  9. Precious Metals SEASONALITY
  10. New Year Predictions, post here
  11. Itulip article
  12. US Mint sales of gold and silver eagles
  13. The Golden End Game – A Thought Experiment
  14. Burglars Steal Large Silver and Gold Stash
  15. Hinde Capital Gold presentation
  16. Tools of the trade: Verifying PM authenticity
  17. Physical gold and silver inventory watch
  18. Margins and leverage in the futures markets
  19. Rare Earth Metals
  20. STRONG correlation between US debt ceiling and gold price
  21. Silver Wars – Attack On The COMEX, SLV And MF Global
  22. Bloomberg: Gold Traders Most Bullish in Month on Debt Crisis
  23. FOFOA article: MF Global, paper hedging, buy-sell spread
  24. Lazing on a Sunday afternoon
  25. Mike Maloney video
  26. Nice breakout formation for gold and silver
  27. Shadow Rehypothecation
  28. PMs rising sharply - Iran war alert
  29. Inventory stress on the COMEX driving market manipulation?
  30. ABC News: Extreme Penny Hoarders Hope to Cash In
  31. Physical buying experience
  32. John Williams (shadowstats) discusses hyperinflation, gold and macro economic issues
  33. Gold and silver COT reports show traders abandoning COMEX
  34. Chris Martenson presentation at Gold & Silver meeting in Madrid
  35. Good quality safe for gold and silver storage
  36. JPMorgan Said Near Deal for MF’s LME Stake
  37. ebay premiums for gold and silver
  38. cash or check?
  39. coin shows
  40. Gold to Silver Ratio - what should it be?
  41. MF Global: Was it a hit?
  42. Yesterday's market action a liquidity event?
  43. New Silver Bears Video
  44. monetary abstractions
  45. Counterfeit Gold, Counterfeit Silver
  46. CME margin hike rumor
  47. US Mint buys more gold, silver from Sunshine Minting
  48. insurance
  49. CME changes initial margin requirements in response to MF Global account transfers
  50. MF Global account liquidations might cause massive commodities selling on Friday
  51. Declare gold or silver bullion as a monetary instrument when traveling internationally?
  52. Advice someone new to precious metals wanting to make a big purchase
  53. Why I like / Where it might go...
  54. Buying opportunity imminent if Euro falls?
  55. Australian Bullion Exchange
  56. Platinum, Palladium, etc.
  57. Tin Foil Hats, Economic Reality and the Total Perspective Vortex
  58. Fed primary dealers buying platinum
  59. Algorithms, Bullion and Criminals: The ABC’s of Understanding Precious Metal
  60. The Gold and Silver Horn
  61. CFTC Votes 3-2 to Approve New Limits on Commodity Speculation
  62. COMEX deliveries and registered gold (silver too)