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  1. I've been MIA for 3 days
  2. Why are there so many "boating" accidents...
  3. Did we lose DoChen
  4. NDAA, my ron paul buddy to sign
  5. I don't have Parkinsons!
  6. Wild hair cuts!
  7. High school seniors suspended for biking to school Yesterday, 64 Kenowa Hill High School s
  8. Obama appoints assassingation czar
  9. I need serious, sound advice
  10. I think I made her mad.
  11. Jesse Benton is paid nearly 600K!!
  12. I still miss SS board
  13. Anaconda
  14. e-bike is coming!
  15. Our food pantry ran out
  16. no kids today~!
  17. propaganda to become legal
  18. !Q
  19. Falcon launch delayed
  20. Ron Paul - Lady rides in nude look clothes on horse in CA capital- making the governor mad. I LOVE T
  21. the UN owns the statue of liberty- grand canyon, and more
  22. wife gets even with cheater husband
  23. facebook IPO is hype is you ask me
  24. NWO gestalt
  25. 6 state conventions this weekend for prez
  26. Donna Summer- Dead-
  27. Ancona = Penn?
  28. Where is Penn?
  29. Frankfurt
  30. Easy way to pay off the National Debt
  31. Last 1000 years of Europe, fast forward
  32. Peter Thiel's floating city
  33. Private versus Public
  34. Newest over reach of a law
  35. When men in suits take things
  36. Sunday rant on bankers
  37. Saturday Rant - Warning! F-bombs!
  38. Man, it sure is cold.
  39. LA Times article in 2020
  40. Growing liability of being a citizen of the U.S.
  41. Interesting websites
  42. After The Government Microchips Our Soldiers, How Long Will It Be
  43. INSANE Electric Classic!!!!
  44. Umberto's Clam House...
  45. [Browser game] Ever wanted to be a big oil crony?
  46. Awesome boogie piano!!
  47. US Housing Market Summary
  48. Being Schooled
  49. Triple Crown season
  50. “We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant
  51. spam eggs bacon and spam
  52. New emoticon for the forum?
  53. Man it's hot!
  54. Historic housing prices chart, adj for inflation
  55. Best response to liberalism!
  56. Ron Paul Youtube shut down
  57. The Grinch is expected to leave on wednesday
  58. Friday Rant
  59. Jim Sinclair
  60. Political sentiment in the Eurozone - backlash against austerity and the Germans?
  61. social security numbers
  62. I'm getting fake facebook IPO google ads on different websites (incl. pmbug)
  63. another downgrade
  64. Iran Claims It Has A Blockade On The Strait Of Hormuz
  65. Making sausage
  66. Crazy weather today
  67. Commodity (private) equity stock: Sprott Resource Corp. (SCP-T)
  68. BBC giving Nigel Farage the Ron Paul treatment?
  69. Link to find out how much your worth dead
  70. Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists
  71. More....for your viewing fun
  72. Ben Fulford ... april 17
  73. Big boys about to find coconut oil
  74. For your listening pleasure...
  75. Please Vote for Me
  76. In it to win it (Ron Paul)
  77. silver liberation army
  78. Working ones contacts. Anaconda
  79. Bible study-
  80. Not the sharpest knife!
  81. CSB: Caine's Arcade
  82. The Ayatollah is out
  83. Very cool news aggregator
  84. Can you break into your house?
  85. That other place bites the big one!
  86. Government Explained video
  87. yard
  88. Holiday dinner tonight-
  89. Beware of Ebay
  90. Bitch and moan- vs the silent treatment
  91. Monty Python 's merchant banker :)
  92. How many cats do you have?
  93. I am SICK of Travok Martin people
  94. DHS buys a pile of ammo
  95. How can a stacker not like Ron Paul?
  96. Yard work- how is yours going?
  97. Will this be our life?
  98. I always find the drunk
  99. Needing ones space-
  100. Got an offer today which I could easily refuse