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  1. Will this be our life?
  2. I always find the drunk
  3. Needing ones space-
  4. Got an offer today which I could easily refuse
  5. Understanding The Slave Mentality
  6. Latest MaxKaiser's report is both good and hilarious
  7. Zzzzzzzz
  8. Saturday Rant
  9. 500 mm Mega Millions
  10. Financial "Crisis" in Greece
  11. Dr Copper building potential head and shoulders formation
  12. My computer
  13. Silver Circle (movie)
  14. Sunday Rant
  15. HUGE new data center coming in Utah
  16. goldman sachs is the devil part 129804
  17. Anyone here from Denmark or Germany?
  18. Spring break with the family
  19. Stratfor on Germany, for mmerlinn!
  20. New (sort of) practical application for PMs
  21. Our blogs!
  22. Natural Gas is trading below average production cost
  23. Got a major sell signal for AAPL today ... from my mom
  24. The wife called the cops today....
  25. Idiot neighbor gets better...
  26. Google gonna rape your privacy if you don't take action
  27. Italian engineers pioneer floating solar panels
  28. New U.S. recession is inevitable
  29. Iran, wikileaks and the wool over your eyes
  30. My dumbass neighbors, the saga continues..
  31. What do they know that we don't??
  32. Saturday Rant...
  33. It's time to go long the VIX (Volatility)
  34. Here we go again...
  35. $50k Reward for Gold Thief
  36. FWIW: Cold fusion from hot-dysfunction Greece?
  37. Do not talk to the police
  38. our new career paths.
  39. An "ancona moment", two actually
  40. sunk Pt?
  41. Krokodil: a case for drug legalization
  42. Just had a discussion with some local Occupy people on capitalism and central banking
  43. I voted for Ron Paul, Bitchez!
  44. Natural flavoring goodness from beaver ass
  45. Newt's proposed Gold Commission
  46. Another day another jackass
  47. Humbleing Video - Warning: Might Blow Your Mind
  48. Just for fun, DoChen
  49. Calling all computer nerds
  50. Statism
  51. Languishing in exile...
  52. The mouth breathers next door
  53. Man! It's cold!!
  54. Question for DCFusor
  55. The thin veneer of civilization - aka lord of the flies
  56. Sometimes it's the little gestures that mean the most
  57. Happy Holidays!
  58. Walgreens sucks balls!!
  59. Kim Jong Il dies in N Korea
  60. Merry Christmas Video!
  61. I'd take a bullet for this guy.
  62. Wednesday rant
  63. Silver's Importance to Health
  64. SIAP: "Money in politics is the root of all political evil"
  65. Slow traffic on the site
  66. Helicopter traffic increasing
  67. Economics intelligence quiz
  68. Draghi just dropped the ball
  69. The Walken Dead
  70. Stock Market comedy
  71. ancona's new avatar
  72. Glock commercial
  73. Site traffic, low post counts
  74. May you live in interesting times
  75. Setting the stage for a military dictatorship in the face of economic collapse
  76. How do I find my local black market(s)?
  77. Wild Turkey spotted for Thanksgiving holiday
  78. MF Global
  79. Planting the seed and raising the plant
  80. Delicate Tendrils
  81. Bugging out to Other Countries
  82. DCFusor gets the first Chevy Volt in VA
  83. Living Earth Structures
  84. Facebook, Not so Private
  85. Ron Paul and HR 1098: Free Competition in Currencies
  86. DoChen's blog
  87. Tradition!
  88. Serious coin stacking
  89. Has anyone else personally gotten ripped off on a PM buy?
  90. Rasmussen poll on a return to a gold standard
  91. Peter Schiff Speaks for 1 Percent at Occupy Wall Street
  92. Ron Paul names his pick for Federal Reserve chairman
  93. US Debt and the absolute mathematical certaintude of doom
  94. Saudi Politics
  95. Wi not trei a holiday in Greece this yer?