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  1. Good book recommendations?
  2. Crime prevention?
  3. accident nearly killed nephew
  4. United States of Europe?
  5. are lights addictive?
  6. Delta V Heavy Launch at 11:36 today
  7. fb banned me 24 hours
  8. Electric plane
  9. F-16vs. Cessna 150
  10. Wal-Mart Stick up
  11. I think I like trump
  12. removal of pool requires permit?
  13. Michelle Obama Worth About $45 on Slave Market, ISIS Estimates "A third of a dinar is too much for h
  14. motorists to be prosecuted after taking mobile phone photos of lorry crash as they drove past
  15. prepay meters - in the house for gas UK
  16. The VA
  17. I went to Chicago
  18. Photo from Lima, Peru
  19. is it a crime to modify car shut off?
  20. ancona, anyone, I need some code advice fence
  21. vol delemna
  22. Did a spilt can of COKE cause the City computer blackout that brought the world's financial markets
  23. 100 billion barrels oil found UK
  24. Surprise! new highest PA gas tax, not 4 roads
  25. Oil Platform Fire
  26. A SLOWDOWN in China and shrinkage in the consumption of coal are tearing holes in the fabrics of onc
  27. UT making financial registry
  28. Who Forged a Judge’s Signature in a Lawsuit?
  29. sears tower sold 1.5 bn
  30. Controlled Substances Are U.S. drug companies against the death penalty? Sort of. By BETH SCHWARTZAP
  31. Ukraine bank paying 9% interest on USD
  32. 30 days jail- garbage man-worked too early
  33. US flag banned calif univ-for inclusion
  34. I had to buy a battery-rant/hows ur finances?
  35. EU to ban halogyn light bulbs
  36. lifetime ban for int trolls Uk
  37. see vaccine laws pending your state
  38. NYC to ban knives
  39. over 55 community?
  40. bull fighting 1 min vid
  41. we are getting 35 mile pipeline
  42. The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site' Exclusive: Secret
  43. krugman & eliz warren against audit fed
  44. trying to shake off traffic ticket
  45. I need some homeowner ins advice for mom
  46. portions of NY want to seceded to PA
  47. Interesting read
  48. Facebook under fire for suspending Native American users in 'fake name' row Users told their legal n
  49. abortion- - :-(
  50. war reparations Germany- AGAIN
  51. 'This gives a whole new meaning to being pissed off.'
  52. my twitter was hacked
  53. Rare Photo, Brian Williams at Appommatox
  54. Got Gold Report's Gene Arensberg passed away
  55. hormone disrupters
  56. Idiot of tghe week award
  57. I was kicked off of facebook
  58. Any one here have a suppressor?
  59. Why the liberals who defended traitors like Snowden and Assange should look at this photo and admit:
  60. Constitutional Amendment [proposed]
  61. Im cold- complain here-
  62. interesting twitter fight- possible for me
  63. are Japanese good tippers?
  64. It feels like Monday
  65. Paris Attack, We are all France Now
  66. 2015
  67. OZ school had it- changes message-machine
  68. Calif just got a carbon tax!
  69. death on a highway
  70. pondering giving away a ring
  71. fb kicks me off- this is the 3rd time
  72. ebook free today only raise chickens
  73. I got a new car....
  74. I had a computer stolen
  75. Life in Post-Truth America-^Mark wrote this!~
  76. patent troll 2/3 of lawsuits
  77. dutch are going to mars-
  78. Does anybody have experience with oil+gas royalty trusts
  79. transcript with ferg protesters
  80. CIA torcher comment by me
  81. PA coin dealer tied up and robbed
  82. heated exchange- UK protest 400% rent increase
  83. cams for every cop? rant
  84. Tuesday Rant
  85. 40% down for mortgage in 2015?????
  86. got this reply- city water rate hikes
  87. why is coffee from Japan different?
  88. fake report UN- per Michael Brown
  89. garth brooks stops concert
  90. school board
  91. fergossin and mike browns brother
  92. I am hoping for GOP win
  93. A joke from my Dad today (Nov 3) on his 83rd birthday
  94. OMG Piano
  95. facebook rant
  96. DSL could die out- fascinating teck
  97. gerald celente pisses me off! low oil price is bad
  98. The unending economic crisis makes us feel powerless – and paranoid The sense that there is no way o
  99. Electricity Superhighway It finally looks like New York, which is perpetually addled by traffic, wil
  100. Republicans Need to Man-Up