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  1. My house- thoughts...
  2. sharia - poor treatment of gays
  3. mark zuckerburg- done w cash- buys 700 acres
  4. Sentenced to community service?
  5. Share my joy- this pic I never seen- my kin
  6. Possible inexpensive fraud detector for PMs
  7. pain pills now a schedule 2 drug- was #3
  8. Curiosities along Interstate 95
  9. For-Profit Prison Bankers Prey On Inmates' Families With Exorbitant Fees The Center for Public Inte
  10. Bethune, SC -- 45 Years Later
  11. Electric bills going up for National Grid customers It will be about a 37 percent increase By Yooji
  12. I had a fight w the county commissioner -candidate
  13. Weatherization-was here
  14. martial law in NE PA and no one cares
  15. Scotland votes no
  16. Government waste
  17. scarey stuff
  18. comments for today-
  19. Because I can
  20. Siluria: viable gas to liquid tech?
  21. I left Zero Hedge, but not PMBug!
  22. Broken Elevator Blues
  23. here is the winter we are going to have
  24. rock throwing at cars now the in thing in PA -argh
  25. Atlas V launch
  26. WHO wants to send Ebola patient to Germany
  27. Delta launch tonight [maybe...]
  28. my new guard dog
  29. Wall St journal
  30. Getting a little crazy here...
  31. "Check point" by park rangers?
  32. booby trap idea needed
  33. code enforement is on my azz, 10 day notice
  34. Weatherization-
  35. Net Neutrality
  36. I am mad at Jenny
  37. Pretty funny.....
  38. Awesome Atlas V liftoff
  39. Another job well done
  40. Work, Work, Work...
  41. Delta IV launch tonight
  42. Morpheus Lander Test
  43. Fng
  44. Spring Showers
  45. Space-X launch today
  46. i am back from Chicago
  47. Another Perfect Launch
  48. Investment idea: profit off of global warming being wrong
  49. We just sent Putin a billion $$
  50. Another snowstorm
  51. Photos and Comments from Peru. A CONTEST!
  52. NOTHING to do with gold, just a Sat. in Lima, Peru
  53. Hanging yourself.
  54. Review of "Pillar to the Sky" (Wm Forstchen)
  55. Just another rant
  56. how school should be
  57. Friday Rant
  58. my electric bill tripled
  59. I am worried about a traffic tix cos I smacked
  60. The Lego Movie: Totally Anti-fascism/pro freedom
  61. FCC to police newsrooms
  62. Delta IV launch thursday
  63. Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014 - THIS MUST BE SHARED!
  64. honey
  65. An Open Letter to the Men and Women of the Connecticut State Police
  66. Not that cold, but...deep, sure
  67. are some of you trying to be pirates?
  68. ondAmendment supporters portrayed as terrorists
  69. Wake Up America - The Truth about the Boston Marathon Bombing
  70. A good cry over emminent domain
  71. The Last Flight From Da Nang, Vietnam 1975
  72. Another dead banker..
  73. local fight about homeless shelter
  74. Somali Pirates Where they come from and why
  75. Debt limit - a guide to american federal debt made easy.
  76. Spacedrum solo by Yuki Koshimoto
  77. Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour Of orbital Laboratory
  78. Benefits of helpful neighbors
  79. The Inequality Bogeyman
  80. Where the H*** Has That Guy Been?!
  81. and not resolving for me
  82. rut- rxs- Chicago- health issues, sanity, no sleep
  83. find a grave mystery
  84. IRS- help- I might be behind the 8 ball
  85. mostly for Mark
  86. I did not know a guy set himself on fire on the Mall
  87. Hope for the future, rising
  88. Obama: My Poll Numbers Are Down Because I’m Black
  89. El Presidente weights in on NSA - in one picture :)
  90. Vast Stretches Of Impoverished Appalachia Look Like They Have Been Through A War The Alex Jones C
  91. more on the craigslist killers
  92. amazing gold pictures
  93. Chris Martenson updates his forcast for peak oil
  94. Does anyone "trade up"?
  95. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: If the Currency Collapses & You Try to Flee Into Gold,There Won't Be Any
  96. No U.S. Economic Recovery Says Turk
  97. Sryia chemical weapons - UN rep
  98. The Economy Is Going To Implode - Part 1 of 8 | Ann Barnhardt
  99. And when you thought it could not get worse, you can now be arrested for have an EMPTY compartment!
  100. woman addicted to 52 rats....