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  1. Sleeping in...
  2. My brother is leaving FL
  3. Germany Merkel cell phone hacked BS
  4. Chinese monastery destroys ancient wall paintings by restoring them to make them look like garish Di
  5. fish having sex-is keeping people up at night
  6. Excellent Vietnam pictures
  7. Osmium - saw this comment on a survival blog
  8. House prices soar by £7,000 in past four weeks HOUSE prices have soared by £7,000 in a month as the
  9. Seniors Gone Wild! Residents of Senior Housing Go Nuts After Medication Snafu Posted about 1 month a
  10. "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" - Full version (1/3)
  11. Saturday Rant
  12. Mortgage Credit Requirements Easing By: Peter King - Wednesday, Oct 16, 201
  13. plug in zip code to see % food stamps ur county
  14. chit chat on CVS
  15. How did the govt get shut down signs so fast?
  16. Man buys car from dealership, then police tell him it's reported stolen By Dan Tilkin, KATU On Your
  17. US ehtnic
  18. are you done cutting the grass this year?
  19. hillary gets a parking ticket in the UK
  20. Dreams can reflect ones health
  21. Mike Maloney: Hidden Secrets of Money video series
  22. Science Reveals 5 Reasons to Drink Coffee “I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.” ―
  23. Earthquake in Bohol
  24. Can I know too much about my house?
  25. This is hilarious!
  26. Civil war pictures colorized
  27. India about to get hit by Phailin
  28. Oilfield Dodge
  29. Wednesday Rant
  30. Created Currencies … are NOT GOLD!
  31. Paul Craig Roberts: Worse than the Great Depression-Gold and Silver Prices Will Explode
  32. A Great Wedding
  33. back to the grind
  34. Panama has bank holiday!
  35. Pondering a nursing home
  36. Tori Spelling is broke
  37. curious fight on cutting county salaries
  38. My sister is coming to visit!
  39. local elections
  40. kinda funny
  41. lindsey williams- 9-21-13
  42. Americans tell it: Why they stopped shopping. Part III Target Carts Americans aren’t shopping like
  43. I have possible GREAT news for weed fans!
  44. Shame on you — why don’t you use that phone to call 911
  45. Peruvian cane toad eats a bat
  46. heal yourself with sound
  47. city council meeting
  48. postage increase 6.5%, SS COLA 1.5%
  49. How to create a million jobs!
  50. obama care subsidy calculator
  51. AIG CEO Compares Anger At Wall Street Bonuses To The Lynching Of Black People In The South
  52. friend could be losing her mind-
  53. AARP medicare part D
  54. Big Pharma suing Maine to force drug monopoly on residents, block importation from Canada Sunday, Se
  55. I bid the project today...
  56. facial recognition: coming to a sporting event near you
  57. my thoughts on ron paul home school media bash
  58. Little Ancona
  59. my thoughts on the truckers 3 day strike
  60. collapse could go for years- /my 2 cents
  61. how much do you pay for Internet?
  62. Productive day at the Drs!
  63. Odd WW2 facts
  64. Colorado
  65. very, very thought provoking
  66. Bohica
  67. here ya' go, Ancona...
  68. 9/11 Ten reasons why the hijackers were fake.
  69. The 9-11 Solution -How the myth was sold-
  70. Obama supporters would vote Karl Marx for pres - petition
  71. Happy birthday HCA
  72. Obama,snubbed in Russia.No Handshake
  73. County pay cuts- and now bickering
  74. Horse powered saw mill, Belize
  75. Jim Willie- The U.S. Is In An Indefensible Position
  76. car inspection
  77. How do I compare?
  78. county cuts- and ppl complain
  79. Newest pics of comet ISON
  80. Obama needs Syrian war to fund Obamacare...very though provoking...
  81. Hungary Orders Rothschild’s IMF To Vacate The Country: Now Issuing Debt-Free Money! Photo Source: C
  82. Lufthansa A380 Lands at San Francisco
  83. Wesley Clark ( US 4 Star General ) US will attack 7 countries in 5 years.
  84. EPIC SMACKDOWN – Former Diplomat Owns an Entire Panel of War Apologists on MSNBC!
  85. Contrary to popular perception, there is no "epidemic" of military-related suicides -- even though
  86. Saturday Rant
  87. up tight
  88. Tornado
  89. Kunstler gives a shout out
  90. Iran busts major international drug mafia
  91. rant- on message boards
  92. Tattoo parlor in Shamokin's crosshairs for eminent domain
  93. mutiny on the bounty
  94. Syrian intervention?
  95. Brass Cutting
  96. Clarke and Dawe sum up Bernanke, tapering and the economy
  97. Mayo Clinic atrium piano, charming older couple...
  98. LA sinkhole expands
  99. Hawaiin Flag
  100. Est Soc Sec COLA 1.5%